The Heart of Appreciative Andragogy: An Innovative Online Teaching Strategy

Online or distance learning has experienced continued growth and attracted millions of students as both traditional and online colleges and universities extend their reach by offering virtual courses and degrees. It has made education accessible to students who might not otherwise have access to any other options. Educators have had to adapt to this environment and learn how to communicate effectively through written words. The challenge is being able to help students feel connected to their class and their instructor. Traditional methods of instruction have to be adapted simply because instructors are not present and they are not able to have the benefit of visual cues and physical interactions. Some instructors are effective in developing a virtual presence and others find the online platform too difficult to navigate or they feel too distant from their students.

As an educator with extensive online teaching and faculty development experience, I am fully aware of the challenge that instructors face when they try to bridge the virtual distance. One of the inherent problems is that instructors develop a perception of students based upon what they see or what they read. If the students post an introduction at the start of class that does provide initial background information. But over time instructors see what is posted in the discussion boards and submitted in written assignments and those words represent the students, creating a lens through which they perceive them.

As an example, if an instructor sees continued writing mistakes in a student’s posts or papers they may view this student from a negative perspective. This can lead to a deficit-based approach when interacting with the student. The main focus of their interactions and feedback will be focused on correcting those errors and it tends to overshadow positive accomplishments. A student who experiences what they perceive as continued negative interactions may become disengaged from the class. While the intent of the instructor is to guide and teach the student this approach has a potential to alienate the student and create resistance on their part. Because I have seen firsthand the effects of these issues I decided that a new instructional strategy was necessary.

What I found in my research was an organizational developmental technique known as appreciative inquiry and I was immediately struck by its ability to help managers bring out peak performance in their employees. It is an approach that builds from strengths and seeks to affirm and build upon what the employee does best. There have been limited adaptations of appreciative inquiry for educational purposes so I decided to find a way to implement it as an online instructional strategy. My doctoral studies were focused on adult learning, which is based upon a term called andragogy that distinguishes teaching adults from children. The phrase appreciative andragogy was then born as a means of connecting the two concepts.

To test the potential for appreciative andragogy in online classes a research study was conducted. I enlisted online instructors as participants for the study and they …

Transdermal Technology – The Science Behind It

Transdermal technology is the key to it is the new and exciting breakthrough in mens sexual health. Many guys suffer from lack of sexual performance form one time or another for many different reasons. The problems include: –

-Problems achieving an appreciation ..

-The erection does not quite become stiff enough.

-Unable to control the penal to achieve satisfaction for the man or his partner.

-Unable to keep the section through the duration of the sexual act.

-Premature ejaculation.

-Little feeling leading to a poor climax.

Fortunately, there's ProSolution Gel. This fast-acting formula delivers natural ingredients and nutrients directly to the penis for a feeling of fuller, thicker and firmer erections, plus longer lasting erections, improved sexual stamina and the prevention of premature ejaculation.

The Science

The way an erection works is the there are two chambers in the genitals that fill with blood during arousal. They fill with upto eight to ten times as much blood than that of a normal penis. This blood places in the penal until the release through orgasm.

Men can run into problems at any stage of the section from arousal although performance to the end of the climax cycle. Booze, stress, tiredness, worry, anxiety or other physical problems can interrupt at any time. For many guys the first sign of trouble can distract causing a snowball effect that can ruin the experience entirely.

Many guys who even go through and complete a sexual experience to the point of orgasm can still have an unfulfilled experience feel that they could have had a better and more rewarding experience which would lead to a better experience for the man and his partner.

The Answer To You Problems

ProSolution Gel uses the science of transdermal technology enabling it to deliver erection and performance boosting ingredients directly to the penis. The active ingredients go to work in immediately to give you a thicker, bigger erection that last much longer than usual. In fact, over 97% of men who have tried ProSolution Gel say it has made a significant difference in their erection size and sexual performance.

Increasing The Bloodflow

Bringing more blood to the penis during arousal is the first key to a betterection. ProSolution Gel incorporates the power of L-Arginine to increase nitric oxide in the area around your genitals – and nitric oxide helps to open blood vessels to allow you to pump up the chambers of the penis to their absolute maximum.

Staying Hard Longer

Transdermal Technology gives you a betterection it then goes onto allow you to keep that erection for longer. Transdermal technology helps keep you rock hardness using a combination of herbal ingredients that give you better control and greaterre stamina, effortlessly.

A Better Finish

Let's not forget that the whole point of all of this is to enjoy the very best sex of your life and that means an amazing finish. While the world's best quality lubricating and conditioning ingredients give you every amazing sensation, a blast of Vitamin C …

Getting An International Law Job – 10 Mistakes That Can Cost You A Legal Job Abroad

While every country has its own quirks when it comes to recruiting for law jobs there are some things that are the same the world over. There are lots of traps to fall into that could prevent you from getting that international law job you have always dreamed of.

CV Lacks Focus – You have to think of your CV like an advert, it’s selling you as a candidate to you potential employer abroad so it’s important it’s got a clear focus. Decide exactly what you would like the reader to come away from your CV thinking. You can then focus every element of your CV towards this aim. Don’t include anything unnecessary and keep the document brief.

CV Hides Key Skills – If you are applying for a legal job your relevant qualifications & experience is hugely important. Don’t hide them away at the end of your document. It’s a sad truth but often recruiters don’t read CVs in that much depth and often lose interest before the end. Don’t let important information get lost at the end of your CV.

Over Used Template – Nearly everyone uses Microsoft Word and lots of people use Google. So imagine how many people use the templates that are easy to find. In a competitive job market, like law, there can often be a large number of applicants for a position; anything you can do to help your CV stand out can help your prospects of getting a legal job abroad.

Application Not Addressed to Correct Person – It’s easy to make a mistake when you are sending out lots of job applications especially if you are planning on relocating to another country. However addressing your CV to the wrong person could instantly ruin your chances. The obvious solution might seem to be to send your applications to a generic “Dear Sir” If they have included a name on the advert such a tactic is likely to seem impolite and suggest you don’t have a huge desire to get the job.

Typos and Bad Grammar – Probably the most repeated tip when it comes to CVs and covering letters but Typos and Grammar mistakes can be really costly. Double & triple check it. It is always worth getting at least one other person to give it a quick proof read a fresh set of eyes will spot mistakes you never would have seen.

Untailored Cover Letter – There’s nothing wrong with sending out a generic CV, there are definite benefits to tailoring the document to each job but it’s not essential. On the other hand you must tweak your cover letting for each individual job application you make. Show why you would be the perfect candidate specifically for the job advertised. Use the same phrasing as they have used and you could be on the way to a great international law job.

Talking Too Much – It’s always risky in a job interview that you can end up talking too much. Answer …

The Career of Truck Driving, What to Expect

If you are looking for a career that pays well and often has great benefits, then finding a truck driver job might be the best thing you could ever do. Truck driving jobs are often available and are almost recession proof. Of course costs of shipping and product is affected by recessions, but truck driving jobs are still available and ready for the picking. A lot of people who are looking for a truck driver job often wonder what they can expect as far as job duties go. We would like to help shed some light on this subject.

First of all there are many different types of truck driving jobs and depending on the type of industry you go into you will find different job duties and responsibilities. We have broken down the different type of truck driving jobs into three main categories.

A Solo Owner Operator is a truck driver who owns his or her own truck and drives all by themselves. Often trucking companies who are looking for additions drivers will contract with these types of freelance drivers. This type of job usually is for the trucker who has a lot of driving experience and have been able to acquire their own truck over the years. Sometimes these solo owner operator's have their own driving team that contract out the truck to other companies that are in need of drivers.

A Solo Company Driver is for the new truck driver that has been driving for 6 months to a year. You would have considered a company driver if you do not own the truck but you drive alone.

A Team Company Driver is a truck driver who does not own a truck but works for a company and with a team. This means the trucks are shared between the drivers and you never drive alone. This is a great option for husband and wife team, or working with a good buddy. This type of driver is in HIGH demand and many trucking companies will pay a lot more for team driving.

Even though there are different categories of truck driver jobs you can still expect certain things in each category. Anyone can become a truck driver but you must not be a felon, alcoholic, or drug abuser. Every beginning truck driver can expect to have to find a trucking school that will certify them and help them earn their CDL license. Many trucking companies looking for new drivers will help you to pay for this training school. There is a total of 148 hours minimum and 178 hours maximum of schooling you must attend and pass.

Also new truck drivers should get ready to expect is having to get a DOT physical. This requirement ensures that you are healthy and physically fit to be a truck driver. Once you have these things out of the way you can expect to make some serious money and see some beautiful country. …