Mindfulness Meditation For Success – The Science Of Happiness

Mindfulness and true happiness can be a way of life. Meditation for success can be done in several different methods, just find the one that works finest for your comfort zone.

The science of happiness can be understood much more often in your daily life.

I mean being more content and happy than you have actually been an incredibly difficult task to accomplish, but not in the practice of it once you get the hang of it and keeping familiar with exactly what you have discovered.

I still say that with mindfulness and happiness you can succeed at anything you set out to do in life.

The path that you have picked that led you to your current scenario was not a couple of days or months in the making, however was a strenuous and long course that has covered through several years.

In reality it has actually taken you as long as you have been alive to end up being what and who you are today.

It has actually taken you that long to achieve exactly what you have accomplished, and to come to your current condition.

Does Meditation for Joy and Happiness really work?

By making the effort to practice and believe mindfulness and happiness and meditation for success, and exactly what you have in your life is really exactly what you desire.

If you are entirely pleased with how and the manner your life is going, congratulations-do more of what you have been doing and you will get more than exactly what you already have in your life.

If you are, exactly what you want, what you have, and your present conditions are less than what you want, or maybe are far from exactly what you want, you might want to consider mindfulness and happiness.

Meditation for joy and happiness can begin helping you along with some basic changes you will have to make in your life.

Failure to make those changes will discover you continuing to look for the important things you actually would like in your life as the years pass by.

Previously I discussed meditation and about your higher-self and self-awareness realized for a better life.

Is Happiness created Within?

Some of this that you read will appear a bit boring when it comes to meditation for joy and happiness, and it might at first not sink in, triggering you to ridicule meditation for success.

As the Course in Miracles teachers, "Do not be afraid to look within," and when we go inside to the core of who we are can be really exciting.

I 'd like to suggest to you that before you may take lightly rather than deeply how mindfulness and happiness meditation can assist you through your life, ask yourself if you want it to be true-then for your benefit, and please give yourself the chance to see it as true.

In this day and time with all the important things we have to handle in our lives it is very …

The Narcotics Officer Career

Despite depressing, it is important we remind ourselves of the dangers the drug trade leads. This allows us to look at the problem from an 'eyes wide shut' perspective. In other words, we can be mindful of the dangers when we are aware of them. Perhaps, we may even take the effective steps to make a positive difference. A career as a narcotics officer can help make such a difference.

The term "narcotics officer" can be a rather open one. There are many different types of narcotics officers that work in many different federal agencies. For those weighing their options for such a career, the best place to start would be to look towards the prime agencies that deal with narcotics crimes.

The most obvious agency would be the DEA since it thoroughly deals with drugs as its primary investigative capacity. However, the FBI, ATF, and even the US Marshals will handle tasks associated with enforcing the drug laws. How they do so may be a little different.

The US Marshals may be involved with tracking down the fugitives that are on the run for drug crimes. The FBI could invest an enormous amount of time seeking to bring a federal indictment against a mob boss for operating a drug syndicate. Such an investigation could potentially take years upon years. Such work is not for naught. Some of these lengthy investigations have brought down some of the most infamous organized crime figures in history.

The work performed by various narc officers can be highly involved and complicated. In some instances, an agent may spend a great time in the field performing arrests. Some officers may even go on deep undercover missions. Then, there are those that perform a tremendous amount of investigation work at their desk. And some might lay in wait for tips to help further investigations or launch arrests.

For many, the way in which you would launch your potential narcotics officer career would begin with acquiring the appropriate level of education. A High School diploma is a must. However, an advanced college degree is certainly helpful to further your hiring options.

What can your degree be in?

There is generous variety available in terms of the options you can explore. Degrees in law, criminal justice, and communications are commonly those most associated with this profession. Yet, there really is no definitive single degree that is a "must". Those with degrees in such areas as diverse as language studies to physical education have landed careers as a narc officer.

While there are many different agencies that serve different purposes, it is wise to apply for as many different agencies as possible. Such narcotics officer positions are highly competitive and it is vital to keep as many employment options open as possible.

Ultimately, if you were to truly answer what a narcotics officer career entails, the answer would be that such a career entailing keeping the public safe. No matter what agency you would work for and in what …

Three Questions That Will Boost Your Career

Here are three questions that will raise your profile as a communicator and will make you a lot more friends and allies in your office:

Is there anything else? During my TV reporter days, I found this question to be a gold mine. Very often people had something very meaningful to say but either felt too shy to mention it or had not been prompted to respond by one of my questions. Often in a conversation, we're focused on reaching the end of a discussion as soon as possible. Let the other person have a chance to get in the last word. At worst, you'll let them sum up their thoughts and needs, which can only help you. And who knows, you might pick up a reputation for being a great listener and who does not feel special when someone is making an effort to listen to them?

Can you help me? Put this question before your next question or request. While it may be easier to ask, "Where are the XYZ reports filed?" you'll likely get a more helpful response if you ask, "Can you help me? I'm trying to find the XYZ reports." It's a small change but it gives the person you're asking a chance to feel like a hero. Everyone likes to feel special and this allows the person with the answer the chance to feel extra special. This especially works well if you're talking to someone who is below you in an organization. The fact that you're willing to admit vulnerability will also score you some points with people. It's very rare that this question does not get someone's best effort.

How important is this argument? It's normal to have disagreements in the workplace. But often these become less about the issue at hand and more about personality conflicts. Before long, they become verbal sparing matches where there's a definite winner and loser and a ton of dirty laundry gets spread out for all to see. While spirited debts are healthy for any organization, you do not want to be remembered as the person who lost their cool over the new kitchen cleaning policies. Pick your battles and save your passion for when it really counts. If you constantly escalate a disagreement into a full-blown argument, you'll start to make enemies fast and lose prestige among your coworkers. The next time you feel your adrenaline flowing, ask yourself this question and pull back if you need to. Having a cool head may not be listed on a job application but it's a skill that's always appreciated. …

Austin BBQ – A Tour of the Town

Deep in the heart of Austin Texas, people have been cooking up their own brand of BBQ for years and years. Unlike those other BBQ meccas like Memphis and Kansas City, where folded pork is all the rage, in Austin it's all about the beef. We'll start our tour a bit out of town (about 30 minutes) in Driftwood where The Salt Lick BBQ Restaurant brings the city dwellers out in droves.

Their generous portions of brisket, chicken, sausage, and homemade cobblers have earned The Salt Lick an international reputation. You can order sandwiches, plates, and combos, but we recommend the All You Can Eat option that comes in at less than $ 15 a person. Making your way back to town, you may pass a gas station that proclaims to have the "wurst BBQ in Texas." Pull in and you'll find yourself and Rudy's Country Store and BBQ. Rudy's is a favorite through the state of Texas. Slide on up to the counter and order your brisket, sausage, chicken, and pork by the weight. Your order comes wrapped in wax paper with plenty of Wonder bread to go around. Rudy's also serves breakfast tacos in the mornings and has a wonderful selection of sides including beans, creamed corn, and potato salad.

Back in downtown Austin you can visit the old Weigl Ironworks building, the home of Ironworks BBQ. A favorite haunt of politicians in the heart of downtown, the Ironworks is a great place for people watching. They serve platters and sandwiches with all the sides. Trust us when we say that the beef ribs are worth the trip alone. The Ironworks is also one of the few joints in town to offer an all you can eat salad bar. In the heart of the live music capital of the world, Stubb's BBQ is just as famous as a great music venue as it is a restaurant. The specialties here are the chopped beef sandwiches and chocolate pecan pie. The best time to visit is on Sunday morning, when the sounds of the famous Gospel brunch spill out onto the streets.

Moving a few blocks northwest to Guadalupe St., you'll find Ruby's BBQ filled with hungry students from the University of Texas nearly every day of the week. Their reputation is based on their wonderful chopped beef sandwiches. You can also order the usual selection of meats by the pound. For your non-meat eating friends who may like to tag along, Ruby's is also the only place we know that offers vegetarian jambalaya.

Our tour heads west on Bee Caves Road at The County Line on The Hill. In addition to their fine BBQ, The County Line also offers grilled fish, chicken, and steaks. Founded in 1975, in a converted speak easy, The County Line offers a great view of the Texas hill country. These fine BBQ establishments are just a sampling of the great restaurants all over Austin. Where ever you go you're sure to find cold beer, …

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Science Project For Your Child

There are many different ways you can choose a science project for your child. The question is how do you even know how to choose a science project? What are things that you need to know that will help your child get the right science project? Here are 5 tips for choosing the right science project for your child.

Tip 1 for choosing the right science project for your child is to ask questions. Ask you child what they want to learn more about. Ask your child what they are interested in. Ask you child what they have been learning in school that they don’t understand and would like to know more about. This will help you get an idea of what your child’s interests. Knowing what your child’s interests are will help you get an idea what they would want to do for a science project.

Tip 2 for choosing the right science project for your child is finding out what they don’t understand. Find something that your child is interested in but does not understand certain aspects of. This will help you be able to find something that will intrigue your child. If your child has been turning the wheels in there head about something but just can’t find a solution to it, doing a science project on it would be a great thing. It will help your child be excited because they are so excited to find out about what they have been so curious about.

Tip 3 for choosing the right science project for your child is finding something that you both can do together. You want to find a science project that you can help your child on. You don’t want something that is too complicate that you are not going to be able to help your child with it. You want something that you can research and get the help you need in order to help your child do their science project. You being able to help your child will also help your child enjoy their science project more. Your child will enjoy it because they won’t be frustrated trying out different solutions to get things to work by themselves. They will feel like they have help and support. This will make all of the difference.

Tip 4 for choosing the right science project for your child is having all of the information you need. Only having partial information will not make it easy to do a science project. You want to make sure the science project you choose has enough information that you can discover new things.

Tip 5 for choosing the right science project for your child is being able to perform the science project. You want to make sure that your child can perform a science project on the subject your child chooses and that your child can show how it works. It needs to be age appropriate. Also, make sure that your child has enough time to do a science …

Enterprise Architecture Assessment

A dynamic organization, formed from a diverse range of specialist institutions, had a long history of excellent teaching, learning and research, and was founded in the technical and trade education of the late 19th Century. The University had special arrangements with more than 80 universities and colleges in over 25 countries.

It had approximately 20,500 students, 3,240 staff, and an annual turnover in the region of £ 132.5 million. Over the period of 10 years or so, it had garnered it's business value offerings to it's students and staff with various supporting IT systems. It had internally led to a disparate array of data information sources ranging across: Access, MS Excel, Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, etc.

Business Needs

Some of the key business challenges that the University was facing included:

· Need to rapidly provide new business capabilities to faculties and students with quality data

· To measure whether they are meeting industry standards and processes defined

· Scale up existing investment done in Applications and Systems

· Implement SOA and enterprise service bus to help deliver management vision

· Automate integration / interfaces and help reduce manual dependencies

· Identify the gap between current architecture and desired solution

· Balance people, processes, technology to design the right architecture

· Identify architectural and process opportunity to maximize the existing IT investment.


The assessment includes an analysis of the underlying business drivers and objectives and overall context of business need that has been established for the client's enterprise wide solution. When business needs have been defined, the assessment process examines the approach to capturing business requirements, their complementess, the priorities of the requirements, and alignment of the strategy and deliverables to the needs.

The team conducted a high level assessment of the existing client architecture, management and processes. The scope of this was to assess:

  • Current Enterprise architecture implemented by client and key components of architecture.
  • Help translate strategic business goals to IT goals, post to interviewing various stakeholders
  • Review existing architecture and process workflows based on industry best practices
  • Examine application / data management policies and procedures
  • Recommendation of high-level architecture & strategy to support information needs
  • Help identify data quality issues & recommendation on improving data quality through the data travel path
  • Functional exchange of data across business area boundaries
  • Identify areas of improvement recommendations for short and long-term goals
  • Cost / value improvement opportunities

Approach for Assessment:

The team met business, subject matter experts and IT groups to get better understanding of various requirements that enterprise and IT had.

The understanding indicated that client needed to focus on standardizing the enterprise wide processes around enterprise architecture, data management, data governance, and SOA. This assessment provided client with a clear roadmap for eliminating comprehensive enterprise architecture for them and to build robust architecture scalable for the future growth.

  • Organizational and Process Assessment: Organizational Assessment includes an examination of the existing organizational structure and identification of the roles and responsibilities of both IT and the business community that need