Sex, Science and Survival

The idea that reality evolves through an infinite dance of fundamental atomic geometric shapes with an ethical purpose, became the basis of science in 3rd Century BC Greece. Plato's Academy called it the Science for ethical ends. The Epicurean University called it the Science of universal love. The movement of the moon, echoing the atomic dance of life was seen to influence the female cycle. The ethical purpose, in this case, was held to explain a mothers love and compassion for children, giving sex a potential infinite ethical value.

Greek philosophers argued that religious beliefs were not part of the atomic purpose and others maintained that traditional cultural virtues contributed to the evolution of humanity. A crucible debate at that time, was that healthy human development required a scientific understanding of infinity. This understanding was associated with a sexually orientated joy of life associated with the eternal acoustic dance creating a desire to love and protect children.

Greek science was invented to save civilization from the extrusion process, recorded within the fossil record. In particular, the term 'savior' applied to teachers of the Epicurean school. The Roman Government considered this idea as a threat to the stability of their Empire. However, it succumbed to Christian ideology during the 5th Century AD. By that time science was an instrument controlled by religious dogma for the purpose of military contract rather that reasoning about the infinite ethical purpose of the geometric atomic dance of life.

The mathematical understanding of the dance of life under religious control during the Dark Ages was about ensuring that a particular creed developed science to protect itself from military contract. Sexual selection centred upon the physical attributes of the warrior class, echoing the primitive survival mindset of previous life on earth, most of which had become extinct. Infinite mathematical conjecture became completely banished within all scientific reasoning as a treasonable heresy. Giordano Bruno in 1600 was burnt alive by the Christian church in Rome for teaching about it at Oxford University.

The resulting supreme law of science became one of carcinogenic growth and development towards certain extinction and therefore can not be considered as ethical. Einstein's genius, who initially agreed with that unethical proposition, provided the solution to this problem. His "we can not solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that we used when we created them" that that science needed to alter its governing logic.

If humanity is to prosper it must confront modern science's obsession with the certain extinction of humanity. That will involve a re-understanding of our sexual mindset. The infinite geometric logic involved in the dance of life generates a powder keg of emotional thoughts and feelings beyond present scientific comprehension. With all the best intentions, religious concepts of infinity are of little pragmatic help. This is demonstrated by the current exposure of organized child molestation within the Christian Church and the deteriorating use of sex associated with acts of religious Islamic terrorism. The complexity and dynamics of sexual reality …

Top Resources For Academic Research

When you get to college, you are going to engage in some serious acts of research. Be prepared. Know that you have to introduce outside material into your coursework. Being able to easily locate and draw info from numerous sources will help you create quality research assignments.

But where are you expected to look for information? There are plenty of research resources at your disposal. You just have to know where to start looking.

Start at your university's library. Look for books and periodicals that you can mine information from. Checkout the online reserves to really get your search going. University databases are huge portals that can link you to important resources. Search through online journals. Familiarize yourself with all that your college library has to offer, and you will have plenty of research info to incorporate.

Use the Internet to gain a basic familiarity with your material. It's amazing what you can find using a simple search engine. Get an overall view of the topic you need to research, before you start looking for more in depth resources. Discover the common terms and elements of whatever debit or issue you have to ponder. Once you've used the Internet to get a basic understanding, you'll know what exactly you need more in depth coverage on.

Visit research institutes and think tanks on the web. Think tanks always have links to their latest research efforts and studies. Make use of recent studies, and incorporated evidence and conclusions into your own unique take.

Online journals are great sources for scholarly research. You can find in-depth academic papers that are extremely focused in their scope. Draw from these rich sources of scholastic digestion. Read the footnotes and get more information. The more academic papers you read on the subject that you are covering, the more comfortable you will become with the important issues surrounding whatever answer you are investigating.

Consider using the resources of another university. You can access a ton of information over the Internet. Many universities have their own archived material that they make available to the general public. If you need a direct quote from a historical document, chances are you can find the complete document somewhere in an online sourcebook belonging to a college or university.

When stringing together all of these diverse perspectives, make sure that you have something original of your own to say. You can built a solid foundation on other peoples' ideas and research, but the structure that you erect on top of that foundation has to be entirely your own. Bring different perspectives together by marbling your own unique points into the mix. The clearer you can present your argument and supporting evidence, the more convincing your research assignments will be. …

Career Change At 50 – 7 Online Writing Jobs

Unplug From The Rat Race

7 Writing Jobs Online

Maybe you’re like so many, ready to retire but can’t afford to stop working just yet. Why not focus on changing your career instead and joining the increasing number of retired and semi-retired people who are earning their income or the majority of it online.

There are so many awesome and talented seniors that can be productive and contribute from the comforts of their home, even starting businesses and selling products on Amazon, eBay, and taking advantage of many other internet opportunities. Many have been finding the answer to their situations by pulling themselves out from the 9-5 rat race, and the daily traffic grind, to set up at home with all of the conveniences and comforts. These wise ones are looking for an alternative way to earn a living without the rigors of daily grooming, the workplace settings, health concerns, car repairs and more. Well, rest assured that there are many online opportunities that are waiting just for you.

Below is a list of 7 opportunities for those that enjoy writing:

1. Content Writing

There are so many website businesses on the internet and in order for them to get and maintain their search engine rankings, they need to post quality articles, short and long, on a daily or weekly regular basis. Many of these site owners hire writers that can deliver quality articles relevant to their businesses, and there are millions of these site owners. Do you know about search engine optimization to target specific viewers?

You can attract lots of traffic to your site but if they’re looking for Bald Eagles or The Eagles band and your website is on the Philadelphia Eagles, you won’t be getting the desired results. Many will come to see what the site is about and then immediately click away to find what they’re really looking for. There is a way that you can modify your web pages and posts to fit a certain like-minded group of individuals so that a percentage of the approximate 2+ billion internet users land on the right site that has the answers to their search entry.

2. TextBroker

The textbroker author produces unique quality content that captures the reader’s attention and increases your search engine ranking. has many writing assignments and you can choose something that you can research and write about. They will also hire someone without prior experience and your article quality will determine your pay rate. They have a lot of writing jobs to choose from so it’s possible for you to work as much or as little as desired.


Offers bulk content service to several Web, Media, SEO, and Social Media, they offer unique quality content, customized to their client’s keywords or topics chosen. They hire writers to produce short informative articles for their client’s websites. There is always a quick research required in order to write the articles and the topics can vary within their niche.

4. Blogmutt …

Nutritionist Education Requirements and Job Opportunities for Nutritionists

If you are interested in health and fitness, you can start a career in a field which has numerous opportunities by getting a nutritionist education. With a nutrition degree, you will be qualified to help people prepare healthy diets, overcome illnesses and physical ailments through proper dieting, and live healthy lives.

The Demand for Nutritionists
More people than ever before are getting actively involved in managing their own health. They are placing more of an emphasis on being proactive by eating healthy and taking an interest in self-healing. This is creating more of a demand for qualified nutritionists. By getting a nutritionist education, you will have the skills necessary to organize meal plans for people who are facing a variety of health challenges.

Nutritionist Education
Students can get their nutritionist education by attending a college or university and meeting an associate, bachelor or master's degree. Online nutritionist education courses are also available online. Make sure to get your nutritionist degree from an accredited institution.

After graduating from a nutrition program, a graduate can always work as a clinical dietician. Clinical dietitians work with clients in hospitals, schools, medical centers, clinics, physician's offices, and nursing homes. In these settings, nutritionalists assess the dietary needs of people who will be eating at these places regularly.

Another aspect of the job may include consulting with doctors and other healthcare professionals to organize a meal plan for a patient. This can include meeting the health needs of people who are obese, diabetics, patients with high blood pressure, or vegetarians.

Other Opportunities
A nutritionist education can lead to numerous opportunities in the healthcare industry. Nutritionists assist clients in a variety of settings. They can work in restaurants and exceed the preparations of the menus. It is important to carefully choose your nutrition courses because this will help determine which jobs you are most qualified for. …

Multiple Skills

Everyone has an area of expertise when it comes to using their skills to the fullest. If you have been to college and have graduated, then you can justifiably consider yourself an authority on that subject. Equally, if you have a long employment history in a certain area, you can point to that as a demonstration that you know how things work in that regard. In each of the above cases, these are things that employers will be looking for when you come to apply for a job with their company. They are above all useful strings to your bow.

However, let us say that you have a diploma in engineering. Or equally, you have been working as an engineer for ten years. Through no fault of your own, the company you are working for goes bust and you find yourself looking for a new job. But as the dissolution of your old company now shows, the market for engineers is crowded, and those companies that are still operating are looking at keeping costs down so that they can compete in this crowded market. You could be looking for a job for a long time before you strike gold. In times of economic downturn especially, specialist knowledge can be less beneficial than it should be.

There is never a bad time to learn a second (or third, or… you get the picture) skill. Even while you are in a job, it is worth looking to the future. Statistics show that many people spend on average two to three years in a job. This comes about for many reasons – career breaks, layoffs, illness, and more – besides – and often the change is unforeseen. So it is worth having the extra knowledge in your armory. Studying another language, taking an accountancy course, or learning a trade like plumbing or electrics are just a few of the extra skills that crop up particularly often.

There are differing opinions on how to choose the best extra skill. Some would say that if, for example, you work as an electrician, learning plumbing is a useful second skill to pick up. After all, when new houses are being built, plumbers and electricians will both be needed to complete the work. You will build up a range of contacts who will be able to put work your way. Others disagree and say that learning a skill that differs meaningfully is best because when there are not many new houses being built, electricians and plumbers may well find themselves in the same boat – but an accountant may have a lot of work. There are pros and cons to both sides of the argument, but really you are best deciding for yourself as it is undeniable that people learn best when they are most comfortable.…

Where to Spend Money in Your New Real Estate Career

You've made the decision to switch to real estate. You've had the training, you're sure that representing home buyers / sellers is right for you and you're determined to stick out the leaner early years. After the lean times you may be seeing, be willing to spend money where it will help you most: on the tools that an agent needs.

  • MLS access
  • While pricey, it is the main cannon in your arsenal. You will spend a lot of money on this, but without it, you are never going to be able to compete with the agents who do have it.

  • Cell phone
  • You need a plan that gives you a lot of minutes a month. Do not underestimate how much time you're going to be doing talking to clients, colleges, other real estate professionals and, because you're going to be on the road a lot, your own family. Consider a SmartPhone or BlackBerry, as they can handle a lot of information and are great for emails on the go.

  • Laptop
  • There is no end to what this can do for you. In addition to a comfortable keyboard, the laptop is also great for holding business software, doing research on the Internet and working on your marketing.

  • Client-friendly car
  • You're going to be on the road a LOT. Get a car that is good on fuel and that is going to be convenient for clients to climb into if you're ferrying them to and from homes. A two-door SmartCar is not going to cut it.

  • Professional attire
  • If you are a professional, you should dress the part. You should aim for at least business casual. Without, of course, you're specializing in bicycle home tours or something. Even then, your clothing should be clean and in good repair.

  • Marketing
  • Get a website and either spend some time finding out how to make a good one or hire a company to do it for you. Your website is your window to the world. It should have an easy URL, like "" and you should have it on every single piece of correspondence you send out, on your business cards and on your social networking profiles. Make sure you have good, professional looking business cards. Choose a font that is clear and easy to read. When in doubt, black on white or off-white is always an excellent choice. Sometimes it's smart to stick close to home. Network among your family and friends for leads. Start a website or newsletter about your niche market or community and use it as "free" advertising.

Like most people breaking into a new career, you are not likely to start out learning 6 figures a year. However, the value of carefully placed expenses can not be overlooked. While you can not bank on regular income for some time yet, make sure that you have enough money to cover your business's needs. …

Bilingual Careers – Getting a Job As a Translator

The visionary media theorist, Marshall McLuhan coined the term "Global Village". It was back in 1962 and even then this path finder of the modern media industry envisaged this. It was relevant even then but this has never been as topical and relevant as today. The world today is truly on our hands – with a few quick flicks of our fingers, we can communicate with some one on the other part of the world.

Communication technology is now on its all time peak and this has benefited us in more than one way. This has obvious benefits to the commercial world, business is now much more easy and entrepreneurs can be empowered to engage in trades behind and beyond the geographical borders. History can stand witness to the fact that strong business relationship between nations is always good for peace and harmony and a strong deterrent for violence.

UK based market research company GFK, in their recent study demonstrated that one third of the British business that operates internationally has lost business to competitors because of lack of language knowledge of their staff. However it must also be noted that the availability of so many languages ​​in modern day metropolitan areas across the globe has somehow benefited the multi-culturist society and hence has made a case for bilingual professionals to search for career where they can use their language abilities. This is true in almost every sector in modern industrialized world.

There was never a better time to seek a career as a translator and convert ones skill to daily bread. Demand for translators is growing evermore along with the increasing lack of qualified translators. The application of a good translator in modern day business is never ending. Translators can assist business to operate internationally by creating localized version of the marketing material or even by translating the minutes of the board meetings. In UK the demand for translators is all time high. Particularly with the Olympics looming, every company wants to look and be international in their approach towards their business mission and vision. They also need the translators and interpreters to be present in trips abroad. Statistically most of the executive assistants of the highest paid CEOs and managing directors in UK are bilingual some time trilingual and usually all are over a £ 75k + package. Beside the private sector, other large consumers of linguistic services are the public and the third sector organizations. There is a massive demand for translators and interpreters within the NHS specifically some of the medical secretaries in cultural diverse areas seem to be multilingual. NHS is also a big buys of interpreting services particularly while they are raising individuals with little or no English language skills. HM prison services are also a regular when it comes to having bilingual staff on the payroll. More recently the need of Asian languages ​​interpreters and translators has also grown within ever so mystical MI5 – the British secret military intelligence service.

Some of …