Thessaloniki Student Housing

A briefing Thessaloniki student housing guide

Based on the Greek Ministry of Education, there are approximately 330,000 students at Greek public universities at any one time. Thessaloniki accounts for nearly 1/3 of the total number of students in Greece with an estimated 100,000 students (including those attending private colleges and other higher education establishments).

For a city of 800,000 people (city population 2011) this means a particularly high proportion of students, which is evident from the vivid atmosphere and nightlife. The majority of the students are coming from other Greek cities, from Europe via exchange programs and from the Balkan countries in order to study at high quality private colleges. Estimating that on average a full-time student spends about 4 years in Thessaloniki (excluding exchange students), this means that there are approximately 25,000 new students in the city every year. And they all need a place to stay …

This article will provide a brief guide to the types of available student housing, the areas, prices, and things to be aware of regarding student accommodation in Thessaloniki.

1. Types of student accommodation

1a. University publicorms.

The University of Thessaloniki offers lessons to students, based on need and primarily on financial criteria. They are provided free of charge. In practice this means that it is pretty difficult to get a dorm room even if you are eligible to get one. The norms are mostly located close to the university campus, but their quality is very low and maintenance is a big issue, along with issues about safety etc.

1b. University Student Hostels.

These are private properties (entire buildings) which are subleased by the University and are provided mainly to exchange students requiring accommodation for a few weeks or months. These are usually ERASMUS students. As of 2011 there are two student hostels, "Matsi Street 7" and "Kassandrou Street 134", both very close to the university. They offer complimentary wireless Internet access and a private bathroom with cable / satellite channels.

1c. Private hostels.

For students wishing to stay only a few days / weeks, these hostels are more appropriate and a better solution than a hotel. However, these are hard to find as private hostels that rent rooms / beds by the day / week are not legal in Greece unless they are Non-Profit Organizations.

1d. Private rental flats.

These are standardone flats (studio, 1 or 2 bedrooms) located all over the city that students can rent from private owners. You can usually find them through real estate agents (beware) or online ads. You will need to find the appropriate one to suit your needs. Most of them are unfurnished or partially furnished and are more suited to students who plan to stay in Thessaloniki for a few years (as you've got to buy electrical appliances, fridge, cooker, etc).

When you move in you will need to enter into a contract with the electricity company DEI, the water and sewage company EYATH and the gas company for heating (or oil if …

Benefits To Having An Education

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Data Scientist: The Most Trending Career in the World

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These scientists, often referred to as big data wranglers, are a perfect blend of mathematician and computer scientist.


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The data scientist is the one who can perform many different aspects of data crunching but not necessarily be an expert in any of them, which in short is termed as a ‘jack-of-all-trades’. The person who wants to become a data scientist must possess mathematical skills, statistical skills and programming skills and needs to have a detailed understanding of all of them. This person also needs to have strong business knowledge so that he/she can go through the business problems completely and can build strong business strategies for the future. Only then will you be able to apply your skills effectively in the organization in which you will be employed.


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Types of Scholarships in Canada

With the cost of post secondary education increasing, many students are looking for ways to reduce their own tuition costs.There are plenty of scholarships in Canada that are offered to reserving students. Scholars give students the ability to attend some of the best colleges and universities that Canada has to offer.

Academic Scholarships
Academic scholarships are awarded to students who have achieved high academic grades. Each Canadian university offers these types of scholarships. A student usually has to achieve a grade point average of around 90% – 95%. There is usually no application to submit as the individual university or College determines the recipients. The amount awarded will vary from university to university.

Merit Scholarships
Merit scholarships are given to students based on a number of criteria such as community involvement, leadership qualities, and innovative skills. Judges receive the applications and determine the recipients. There are academic guidelines that have to be maintained. Each scholarship has its own set of requirements. Volunteer experience is an asset when applying for these scholarships.

Entrance Scholarships:
Each University awards their own entrance scholoarships. Requirements include excellent grades as well as merit criteria much like the requirements for a merit scholarship. Most receipients have an academic standing that is in the top 5% of their graduating classes. They are required to submit an application that is separate from the University.

'Automatic Consideration' Scholarships in Canada
These type of scholarships are offered as rewards and financial aid. Criteria can include outstanding grades, extra-curricular activities, and athletic achievements. There is no application required as there are entrance tests that are taken. The university will determine the scholarship recipient.

Prestigious Scholarships in Canada
There are a number of prestigious private and government scholarships awarded to Canadian students and students from other countries. A few of these renamed studies include:

– Cameco Corporation
– Alexander G. Bell Association for the Deaf
– Archives Society of Alberta
– Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada
– Black Business & Professional Association

University and College Bursaries
There are also a wide range of bursaries offered by private donors, businesses, and organizations. Some bursaries are awarded for a particular area of ​​study and others are for any field of study at a specified school. Bursaries are usually given to students with financial strains in an effort to help ease the burden. The amount awarded from a bursary will vary.

Bursaries can be offered at the beginning of the academic year or at different times throughout the school year. Examples of bursaries include:

– Association of BC Forest Professionals Bursaries
– Elmer Shaw Entrance Bursaries
– Anna Sorkomova Memorial Bursaries
– Voortman Cookies Bursaries

Where to look for Canadian Scholarships
Canadian scholarships can be found at various organizations and clubs such as sporting organizations and community groups, and employers and unions. For instance, if a student's parents work at a big company or are members of a union, there is probably a scholarship for the employees' children. Other places where one can get information …