The Top 10 Colleges and Universities in the Dallas

Are you thinking about going back to college, but you don’t have the time or the flexibility to go to a traditional college? Online college might be for you because it provides flexibility and great degree programs all in one. Here are the top 10 rated online colleges. If you are looking for online degree, you have come to the right place. You can select from the wide range of courses available online. We provide links to some of the best online universities as well as campus colleges.

Here is a list of Top 10 Colleges & Universities in Dallas. This list will guide you in finding the best Colleges & Universities in the city of Dallas. The list is compiled on the basis of people’s recommendations. More frequently the students visit and apply for a particular college or university, more frequently they are stored in people’s records.

The Top 10 Colleges and Universities in the Dallas, TX area:

1.Baylor College of Dentistry(210)(214) 828-8100 3302 Gaston Ave – Dallas, TX 75246

2. Eastfield College(164)(972) 860-7100 3737 Motley Dr – Dallas, TX 75150

3. University of Dallas(146)(972) 721-5266 1845 E Northgate Dr – Irving, TX 75062

4. University of Dallas(84)(972) 721-5201 1845 E Northgate Dr – Irving, TX 75062

5. Holy Trinity Seminary(73)(972) 438-2212 3100 Vince Hagan St – Irving, TX 75062

6. el Centro College(58)(214) 860-2311 801 Main St – Dallas, TX 75202

7. University of Dallas(54)(972) 721-5203 1845 E Northgate Dr – Irving, TX 75062

8. Paul Quinn College(48)(214) 376-1000 3837 Simpson Stuart Rd – Dallas, TX 75241

9. Mountain View College(46)(214) 860-8600 – Dallas, TX 75201

10. Austin College Dallas OfC(36)(214) 373-1070 9800 Preston Rd – Dallas, TX 75230

Since only the best institute can offer you that kind of education and future prospective, it’s very critical to select a college and university with due diligence and research. You may find this list of top 10 colleges and universities within the range of 10 miles in Albuquerque helpful while you are looking for the best institute in the city.…

10 Questions to Ask Before Trying That Commission Sales Gig!

It seems like a long time ago when what we used to think of as “good jobs,” those that offered solid salaries and bonuses and nice benefits, were plentiful

These days, especially in selling, you’re more likely to scan employment listings and see “straight-commission” compensation schemes. Essentially, these are pay-for-performance opportunities.

If you perform, you get paid; if not, then not.

It’s Darwinian, a survival of the fittest atmosphere. Still, commission jobs tend to offer higher than average potential, and if you can stick it out until the spigot flows, then you can thrive.

Here are 10 questions to ask any employer offering a straight commission pay plan:

(1) How long have you been in business? Beware of start-ups, because no one really knows whether their business concept will succeed.

(2) How well is your top salesperson doing, financially? Key question, this one is. If you hear a solid number, divide it in half and that’s what you’ll probably earn during the first few months.

(3) How long did it take for him or her to get there? This is a vital cash-flow matter. Can you survive until you start seeing regular paychecks? You may not have the time to invest to go from A to B.

(4) How long until your best seller made his first sale? Did he get lucky and close someone on the first day or week? Or, did he struggle? If the best seller struggled, multiply his time invested to the first sale by a factor of at least two or three, for yourself.

(5) Commission plan specifics? What percentage are they paying? Is there an appropriate incentive? Possibly, you can negotiate this to make it more appealing and sufficiently worthwhile to you.

(6) How well is your worst person doing? If they permit folks to struggle for weeks without substantial rewards, that is a bad signal. There should be competition to earn a spot on their team, and the worst performers should be cut quickly.

(7) Is this a scripted sale and can I merge it into my own? If they have a script and it is a proven success, this will save you a lot of time, presuming you follow it. If they allow no deviation from it, either they have selling down to a science or they’re needlessly strict. Especially if you’re on a commission, they shouldn’t care HOW you sell, as long as you sell, and you do it honestly.

(8) Are the hours flexible? If you are an independent contractor, this means you can come and go, with some broad limitations, as you see fit. Some companies have a set start-time, and they want everyone to be there, for announcements, updates, and the like. But if they try to set the workday in concrete, unless they’re paying for your TIME, they’re overreaching. By doing this they deny you one of the upsides of being a commission seller, setting your own pace.

(9) At what intervals are commissions paid? This is …

Humanity Is Science Having Self-Awareness

A World War II, that is how movie themes overcome depression is depression having nothing to do with movie themes losing to World War II.

Movie themes that lose to World War II are non-themes that lose to World War II; non-themes are actualities – depression that has nothing to do with actualities losing to World War II is World War II being how actualities overcome depression.

If the battle against Nazi Germany is the method in which truths overcome depression, an inevitable, and a fair interpretative outcome is depression being the antagonist to truths losing to the battle against Nazi Germany.

The conflict with Nazi Germany, it also seems fair to state, is a reference. Depression that prevents truths from losing to a reference is a reference that helps truths beat depression – depression is a psychological state, and thus, a reference that helps truths beat a psychological state (or just a psychology) is a psychology that prevents truths from losing to a reference.

A psychology that prevents truths from losing to a reference is a fiction that prevents truths from losing to a fiction – a fiction that prevents truths from losing to a fiction is a truth that helps lies beat a truth.

A truth that helps lies, to beat a truth, is the inability to help lies beat a truth; the inability to help lies beat truth is a truth that is opposed to truths losing to weakness.

A truth that opposes truths losing to weakness is a truth that opposes truths imitating weakness: a truth that stops truths imitating weakness is a physical that stops physicals from copying fiction.

A physical is a road; a road stops roads from imitating non-roads.

The imitation of non-roads is the presence of non-roads. The presence of non-roads is the absence of roads – a road that stops roads ending roads are roads helping roads create a road.

Roads that help roads create a road is copies that help copies create a single that is identical to the copies: copies that help copies does not help copies – not helping copies means to obstruct copies.

Stopping copies from creating a single that is identical to copies are differences that create a single that is identical to copies: differences that create a single are differences that ignore numerous – differences that ignore numerous which is identical to copies is differences that don’t ignore which is the same as copies.

The same as copies is non-copies. Differences that don’t ignore which are differences is differences that ignore which is copies.

Differences are personalities. Personalities that ignore which is non-personalities is personalities meaning avoidance which is non-personalities – avoidance which is non-personalities is non-personalities being attention.

Personalities mean non-personalities being attention – attention therefore means non-personalities being non-personalities.

Non-personalities being non-personalities is non-personalities being the same; attention is non-personalities being the same, which means that attention is personalities being different.

Conflict is personalities being non-attentive.

Morality is personalities being attentive.

Morality is …

The History and Science of House Painting

The purpose of house painting and decorating is to make a house, home or building look better or to protect it from damage by severe or ongoing weather, wind, sunshine, water, rust, corrosion, termites and other insects and/or mold. It feels good to have a good looking house, and it increases its value.

History of House Painting

Not much is known about house painting in the United Kingdom before the late 1200’s, when guilds began coming into existence. Two prominent guilds in particular were the Painters Company and the Stainers Company, which eventually merged with the permission of the Lord Mayor of the City of London in the early 16th century, forming the Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers.

Tools of the Trade

In our modern era in which we live, paint composition consists mostly of latex formulations used for both exterior and interior use, greatly minimizing painting cleanup, as well as the strong and unhealthy smells normally associated with petroleum and polyester based paints.

Another common, modern house painting invention is the computerized paint scanner that precisely calculates how to get new paint color to match faded paint color on old walls, or to match fabric colors, flowers and other patterns. Paint in our day and age can also be made to smell nice and resist fading, chipping and bacterial growth. Paint can also be made to lay very flat on a surface, resulting in a very smooth look.

When and why should primer be applied? Why not just put paint on and get it over with? Wooden surfaces generally don’t take paint too well, resulting in flaking, due to excessive thickness of the paint. Primer is thinner and so soaks into wood much better, and since it allows the paint to adhere better, it saves you money in allowing for fewer layers of paint and primer to have to be applied.

Many professional house painters offer free consulting services, and additionally save you money by adding 5 to 20-year guarantees of adhesion and water resistance. Professionals are also very good at their use of time when applying tape, sanding surfaces, etc., before the house painting is started.

Another modern house painting tool is the foam brush, which is commonly used for precision work and smoother coats of paint that use less paint and less time to dry. And foam used on a roller can create beautiful patterns in the painted surface. Finally, the spray gun allows for the painting of extremely large surface areas in short amounts of time.

How to Clean and Store Brushes

An older style bristle brush is best to store in a box hanging from a wire within, allowing it to soak in a cleaning solution without being disfigured by having its bristles spread apart.

Paint Surface Preparation

Modern paint-tape prevents damaging the taped surface, having less than half of the adhesive power of masking tape, and thus being able to remain on a surface for up to 30-days without creating damage.

Then versus Now

In …

Fun With Boston Tourism

If you are one of the lucky travelers that are going to visit Boston, this article is ready made for you to have immense fun in Boston! Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and is referred to unofficially as "Capital of New England." Boston is a fun place to vacation due to its exceptionally important cultural and historical makeup.

The city is nicknamed " Beantown " and it is still considered and remembered in history books as the site of the "Boston Tea Party." It is a historically exceedingly important city!


The city is the site of many ornate theaters, which include the Orpheum Theater, the Citi Performing Arts Center, the Boston Opera House, and the Cutler Majestic Theater. Boston tourism is not complete unless you make contact with its culture. Within all of these theaters can be found performances by the restructured Handel and Haydn Society, an old choral company, the Boston Lyric Opera Company, the Boston Early Music Festival, the Boston Ballet, and the truly renovated Boston Symphony Orchestra! If you are lucky enough to vacation during the Fourth of July Celebrations, you can hear the Boston Pops concert held at the banks of the Charles River, which is accompanied by a magnificent fireworks show!


Even people from Europe have heard about the famous baseball team acknowledged as the Boston Red Sox as they were founding member of the American League and play in the well-known Fenway Park. The first game of the World Series was played there. Any Boston tourism should include Fenway Park!

The New England Patriots football team was founded in the year 1960, but they were then known as the Boston Patriots. Everyone who knows all about the American Football League knows that they were a charter member of the AFL!


Boston has some of the most diverse museums available. Vacation families should not miss the New England Aquarium, nor the Skywalk Observatory. Fun in Boston should include the Boston Children's Museum. Boston is also the home of the prestigious Harvard Museum of Natural History.

Family Fun

If you wish to see outdoor acts consisting of magicians, jugglers and the like with your family, or you want to shop in the very best shops, or even if you wish to sample some of the wonderful food of Boston, make absolutely certain that you head toward Faneuil Hall Marketplace, for it is the star of Boston tourism.

Its restaurants will astound you, the women in your party will be flabbergasted by quality and quantity of the shopping, and the kids will giggle all day at the outdoor street performers. Truly a most exciting vacation locale! Also, Quincy Market, a part of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace is considered to be one of the most visited food halls in the world. Do not miss this tourist spot as part of your vacation!

Riding the T

Colloquially known as "the T" the underground subway through Boston is quite easy to travel with, and you'll find …

Why More Moms Are Going Back to College

Mothers today are looking for ways to earn extra money for their families in today's economy. They are also focusing on being better role models for their children. The recent economic downturn and the loss of jobs for women, including mothers, has affected the number of mothers going back to college. Whether women are married or if they are single mothers there are many reasons why they choose to return to school at any age.

School is a big decision to make for anyone, especially a mother. One of the reasons moms return to school is to have a better career. This in turn results in more money to support their families. Mothers who are married may have to be the sole provider due to the poor economy. Those who have husbands not affected by a job loss are able to add to their household income with going back to school. Any extra income that can be generated for a mother's family by returning to school adds to the stability of their family. They are not as worried about how to pay their bills or how to get groceries. At times the extra income can be used to upgrade vehicles and houses. Mothers who return to school have the chance to increase their family's income.

Mothers with one child or ten children are always trying to be the best role model they can be. Their lifestyle reflects upon their children and one of the best decisions that mothers can make is to return to school. Their children will see this and realize that an education is important. Children are looking at mothers from the time they are babies and they see everything they do. The decisions that single mothers make impact their children sometimes more than mothers who are married. When a mom goes back to college it tells her that child care about them and they love them. Going back to school as a mother also tells her children that if she can do it then they can after graduation from high school. Children often make many of the same lifestyle choices their parents, including their moms, make. Going back to college is one of the many right decisions that moms can do for their children.

There are times when the decision to go back to school is out of a mother's control. As companies have been laying off people more and more for the past two to three years, mothers have had to make the decision to go back to school to learn a new trade. The number of factories has been reduced drastically and moms are getting the opportunity to learn something that they can make a career out of. Older and younger mothers alike are at times going from one profession to a completely different one. Moms who have been in a manufacturing business find themselves getting a degree in nursing. Teaching careers have been changed to healthcare fields by many mothers who have lost their …