3 Signs That You Hate Your Career or Business

You may work in career, job and even doing a business that you absolutely hate. In addition, you may sick or know someone with a debilitating illness all because of the stress associated with a job that you never liked nor enjoyed in the first place. You took the job out of desperation because you had to put food on the table for your family and that was the only opportunity available at that time. Now, it's 5 years, 10 years or 2o years later and you are miserable.

When Monday morning hits, you agonize thinking "Do I really have to go to this place?" What a feeling that is to have. It is painful just thinking about it. This maybe you or you may know someone like this.

Here are 3 signs that you are in the wrong career, job, or business and now it is time for you to seek your God-given talen t:

  1. Every morning when the alarm goes off, it takes a spatula to get you out of the bed. You hit the snooze button every chance that you can until you finally realize that if I do not get out of this bed, I'm going to be late.
  2. You're constantly in a bad mood and it all relates back to the work that you do . You snap at everyone including your children, spouse, fellow co-workers, etc. When it's time to go on a lunch break, you're constantly thinking that I wish that I could go home and never return. Your marriage is falling apart and your children do not know who you are anymore because you hate what you do.
  3. You're not fulfilled. You may someone who makes six-figures and beyond, but yet you still feel dissatisfied with what you are doing. You feel empty. You literally feel like you're just existing.

** Bonus: You are literally losing yourself. You feel that if something does not change for me now, I really do not know how I can go any further (literally). You are on the verge of depression and it's literally killing you.

If any of the above identifies you, I want you to know that you are not alone. There is a way out, but your only way out is to make a non-negotiable decision right now that I will do whatever it takes. I encourage you to develop a plan. You have to start somewhere. So many are guilty of saying what they want, but never make any preparations to ensure that is happens for them. "You are the captain of your fate and the master of your own soul." I can want it for you all day long, but if you do not want it, how I feel matters not. The choice is yours. …

Scholarships for Education Advance for Military Spouses

The military spouse schools are designed to offer wives of husbands of military personnel the chance to attend college or other further education establishment in order to get some qualifications. These scholarships allow the men and women study while their spouse is working within the military. These scholarships are basically free money that can be used on costs that are related to education.

Attending an education establishment can be very costly. The tuition fees are very high and in a lot of cases they can be thousands of dollars every month. On top of the tuitions fees students would also have other expenses such as transportation, computer and special software, books and other study materials.

These are only a few of the things that are involved within studying higher education. The military spouse scholarships will allow you to get ten thousand American dollars toward the expenses. These scholarships are not a loan and therefore they do not need to be repaid.

It is possible to massively reduce the costs associated with getting a degree if you apply for an online course. A lot of universities now offer online courses and they will send all the materials out via the post. When you are doing an online degree the studying can be done in your own time so its up to you then to schedule the required time. Another advantage of doing the course online is that you will not need to travel to university therefore geographical location is not important. …

What You Can Do With Your Spare Time In College

Being in college, for some, would mean having some kind of independence. With this independence comes cost. Being independent would mean that you can support yourself. And what better way to support oneself with a part-time job.

Having a part-time job can really make you learn independence. This will teach you how to survive on your own. This gives you the opportunity to explore the options you have to be able to start something on your own. Getting a part-time job is not that easy though. There are a lot of competitions also not just from college but also from a major of unemployed people out there.

So choosing the right job based on your qualifications will give you the chance of getting it. If you have a certain skill that you think will be beneficial to your application then use it. These skills may help you get that job easily. Although most part-time jobs do not require much expertise but you'll never know.

You can get some tips from other students that have part-time jobs. They talk about their experiences so you can get something out of it. They can even recommend you to their employer if there is a position that is vacant.

You can also search for some articles on how you can increase your chances of being hired when applying for a job. These can help you prepare for your resume and application letter. These can also give you points on what part-time job gives good pay.

There are other jobs you can start on your own. You can start your dog sitting business. This can give you the freedom to choose the days you will be working and you can earn unlimited income from it. There are some great articles on how you can start your dog care business.

With the internet you can get some suggestions as to what you can do on your spare time that will generate some income on your part. You can do internet marketing sometimes. Or write a great article on a blog about your campus life. These do not generate much income as a start but when it builds up you can reap rewards without having to do much. It's the new hype of the internet age. Use it to your advantage while you are doing nothing in campus. The internet is a powerful tool if you know how to use it to your advantage. …

Gene Smith, The Ohio State University (OSU) Buckeyes Athletic Director (AD) – Bio

Gene Smith is the athletic director (or AD for short) of the Ohio State University (OSU) Buckeyes athletic program. Mr. Smith oversees a diverse assortment of both men's and women's sports for a school that has the unique distinction of being one of just four colleges to have won national championships in men's football, basketball, and baseball.

The official appointment of Gene Smith to the heralded position of athletic director for Ohio State occurred on March 5, 2005. In leading up to his position as the head of one of the most robust college sports programs in the country Gene acquired relevant work experience while serving as the athletic director at Eastern Michigan, Iowa State, and Arizona State.

While many casual fans usually think of football and basketball when they think of college athletics the spectrum of varsity sports is really quite diverse. In total Mr. Smith oversees approximately 900 student athletes that span a gauntlet of 39 varsity sports (20 women and 19 men). The Buckeyes have won national championships in numerous sports that are often forgotten about including synchronized swimming, gymnastics, and fencing.

Long before carrying the burden of the highly scrutinized position of Ohio State University athletic director Gene Smith was raised in Cleveland, Ohio not far from the Columbus, Ohio location of the main OSU campus. Smith was an athlete in his youth at St. Louis. Peter Chanel High School in nearby Bedford, Ohio and went onto the University of Notre Dame in Indiana where he earned an athletic scholarship as a defensive end for the football team.

Before graduating from Notre Dame in 1977 Gene was part of the 1973 national championship football team. Gene got his diploma in business administration and stayed with his alma mater as an assistant coach with the football program until 1981.

In 1981 Gene Smith experimented with a brief career stint outside the realm of college athletics when he accepted a job in the marketing department of International Business Machines (IBM). After two years in the private sector Smith realized that his true calling was a lifelong career devoted to collegiate sports.

In 1983 the Ohio native found a position at Eastern Michigan University where he was able to serve as an assistant athletic director. In 1986 Gene became the full time head athletic director at Eastern Michigan. Seven years later in 1993 Gene became the AD at Iowa State University where he dutifully served until the year 2000 when he moved across the country to Tempe, Arizona to accept the position as athletic director of Arizona State University. …