Top Ways to Save Cash For College Students

Are you sick and tired of always being broke?

Do you want to recession-proof your income of just find some extra cash to spend on life’s little luxuries? Have you ever dreamed of finding easy ways to slash costs of your daily living?

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So what are the top ways to save cash for college students?

1. Don’t Believe the hype: Did you know that so called “miracle lotions” after extensive research have only shown to be slightly better than the cheap sorbolene cream you can buy at a supermarket (funny that).

2. Less Toothpaste is better: you actually only need a drop the size of a pea to clean you teeth and keep them sparkling clean, also you can add some bi-card soda to help clean and protect your teeth (also gives a nice tingly feeling)

3. Shampoo: using more shampoo then need is actually bad for your hair as it removes the natural oils in your hair that keeps it shiny and strong. Using less will save your pocket and your scalp of hair let your natural oils do what they do best keep your hair beautiful!

4. Use a cheaper Conditioner: Did you know that the only difference between many conditioners is the label!

5. Learn the secrets of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocall) make free calls to anywhere in the world where there is internet, sounds pretty good to me

So there are some ideas about how to save cash for college students, but what about making cash for college students. If they do not even have the cash in the first place there is no way they can save it.

So what are some good ways to make cash for college students?

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Career in Cruise Ships – The Best You Job Can Ever Find

A job on the cruise has fulfilled dreams of many people giving them a chance to travel around the world and getting paid for it as well.

So if you are here then you must have decided to work on a cruise ship. But before starting you need to know a few things that are very important

A wide range of job opportunities are available on a ship. The job will be comfortable and attractive which will give you a chance to travel different exotic destinations in the world which you have never seen before.

However, to acquire a job on a cruise ship one needs to research, spend some time in searching the right cruise ship for him and must also have the required qualifications so that he lands himself a job in the cruise ship.

Three important things that you must possess to gain a job in cruise ship are:

1. Soundness in English

The main quality which you require while working on cruise ships is to be able to speak and understand English. This is primarily important because most of the travelers are American and English-speaking. If you are working in the frontline divisions that are Food and Beverages or Cabin stewards in Hotel, you need to know English very well as interacting with the guests might impress them and you will get paid by them directly.

2. Having Passport is a must

One of the important things to have with you while traveling abroad is to have a valid passport. All the persons employed on the cruise ship must possess a valid passport.

3. SEAMAN VISA (For all those people who do not stay in the US)

Once you get a job in a cruise ship company and obtain an Employee Agreement, then the next thing you need to do is apply for visas that is C1 Transit & D1 Seaman and also B2 Visitor Visa at the United States Embassy. USA's ports are visited by most of the cruise ships. Major cruise liners like the Royal Caribbean International, Carnival Cruise Lines and Celebrity Cruises are located in Florida. Here Florida or any other port in USA will be the departure port for a cruise ship.

The C1 & D1 and B2 visas that you have obtained allow you to stay in the USA for a limited time only when your cruise liners calls to a US port. The visas are usually valid for 30 days.

• The C1 visa is meant for the seamen and it permits you to work in US ports for a limited period only that can be lasting for a few hours or a few days.

• The D1 visa permits you to journey through different ports in USA.

• There are "visitor visas" that is the USA B2 Tourist Visas and are very essential for foreigners who hail from countries that are not a member of the Visa Waiver Program. …

The Biggest Mistake in Searching For College Scholarships

Since the explosion of the internet many years ago, high school students have excelled at using online sources to find college scholarships. This may seem like an easy, wonderful way to find and apply for scholarships, but searching for scholarships this way is only a very small part of how to find and win college scholarships. Students assume that they are finding all the scholarships out there by entering "scholarships" into a search engine and clicking on the links that appear. I believe that it is a huge mistake for high school or college students to use only the internet to find scholarships!

There are so many resources in addition to the internet out there for students to tap into when beginning their quest to find and WIN scholarships. There are books that list thousands of scholarships and categorize them by the students' interests, intended college major, race, club affiliation, and so much more. Often times, these scholarship books have scholarship opportunities that are not found online! These books come out with new versions each year, with information that is often times much more up to date than online websites.

How do I know this? I just went through the process of finding and applying for college scholarships with my son, who graduated in May of 2009. We used the scholarship listing books and he won over $ 20,000 in college scholarships! We found scholarships that no scholarship searching website ever sent to his email address, even though he signified up for every single one of these "helping" websites. …

How to Recover After a Bad Career Move

Reasons for Finding a New Job

Many people often dream of finding a new job due to dissatisfaction in their current one. Before making a move, you need to identify the reason or purpose that you want to do so.

Job dissatisfaction may be based on a number of reasons, such as career stagnation, not getting along with the boss and diminishing interest job duties. In some cases, you might discover the mistake in your choice very soon after joining a company.

But even if a mistake has been made, there's always a way to make things right.

Evaluate Your Job

It is wise to assess your current situation and evaluate the circumances surrounding your unhappiness before taking the next leap.

Adjustment is a big factor to take into consideration – for some it is faster, while for others it takes more time than expected. Change is not as easy as it may sound, and takes time, especially where the work culture and people are all new.

Anxiety may also build up because of disharmony. People who have been there for a far longer period than you have may not extend the cooperation that you expect.

At this point, you need to not only take stock of the situation, but to assess yourself as well. Are you anxious about learning the new job or familiarizing yourself with new procedures and processes? In your effort to succeed and perform to the expectations of your new boss, are you putting undue pressure on yourself?

Your new job may also demand more of you than you anticipated when you took the position.

Certain other aspects of a company come to light after you join. For example, the performance of the company and their financial standing may become factors of stress, which may need to be combated.

Perhaps your experience in your particular field is not sufficient, causing you some anxiety. You may have been placed in a situation to deal with circumstances that have for inexplicable reasons not having improved, in spite of the previous person that you were hired to replace.

Points on How to Recover

-Adjustment and finding your footing in a new place takes time. You should not make a hasty decision to leave. Give it some time before you make your move.

-Feelings of anxiety about settling are natural. They will subside with time, when you learn to understand the people around you and get them to trust you.

-You can learn to overcome pressures and anxieties with patience and diligence – allowing yourself some time to get used to your new surroundings and routine.

-Your financial situation, if poor, may be only temporary, and will probably improve soon. But if it takes more time than expected, then sometimes it is time to move on.

-Almost every situation can be dealt with tactfully without making the decision to leave.

Most career situations can be resolved with time and patience. However, if you have already realized that you made a …

Launching a Successful Career As an Artist


It is important for anyone launching an art career to have a direction towards their development and to keep that development alive. The very act of creativity can be neglected or underestimated by an artist presupposing future works. The dialog an artist has with your work changes with each new piece. Each succeedive work causes an adjustment in direction: a revelation, an inspiration that alters the creative path. It seems that creative work has a life of its own which grows and is nourished by communication with its creator.


It is possible to work successfully, heedless of the changes inspiration and innovation bring on. This often happens when an artist finds a successful and profitable "niche" and repeats over and over the same subject matter, style and techniques of working over a period of years. The market will always want the same or similar product, to guarantee a reliable value. It is regrettable, however, that many artists in this creative stasis, refuse to develop their full capabilities and are forever tied to the intrinsic values ​​of their work.


The "art scene" is competitive only to those that want it that way. As a artist develops a body of work, having a perspective of other artists' work is not only a good way to share creative energy, but a relationship that keeps individual work vital. Being aware of what is happening in galleries and events locally, nationally and globally can inspire an emerging artist to move their creative work in a different direction, address different subject matter and change an attitude towards personal art relative to the work of other artists.


There are many resources that can be useful for artistic development, including: art magazines, local and national galleries and online art newsletters and forums. This information should not be intimidating. Frequently, an emerging artist is in a fragile tier of development. Being defensive or put off by exploring the art world restrictions personal perspectives. One should look at these resources as a buffet and choose the lovely morsels that will nourish personal creative growth. There is also, a strength and great camaraderie in having relationships with other artists, showing in group shows, becoming a member of a local coop gallery, and participating in art auctions and fairs. Each artist finds their own degree of involvement, whether it is commitment to a highly social scene or minimum input from a local gallery or several friends.


Being able to see your work objectively at a distance and up on a wall is a good way to start examining your artistic direction. Choose an area where you can step back at least fifteen feet from your work. Try to arrange your work in some kind of order, for example, earliest work to later work, groups of similar subject matter or stylistic changes, etc. Put everything up – all sketch and …

Education Barriers Among the Immigrants in the US

With the widening increase of hopefuls crossing the US borders every day, immigration is one issue that never seems to decline. This is placing a magnificent pressure on the US border patrol and the dollars spent by the government is taking a toll. Many of the immigrant children and youth cross the border in order to escape the deadly political violence or natural disasters, to escape from civil wars in their countries or even torture. Even with the barbers set up, they still try to overcome all hurdles on the pathways to US citizenship. Immigrant students too enter the US in millions every year, and they face a lot of problems – emotional, financial and social problems in the "land of plenty".

Adversity encountered by Immigrant youth

Teens face the ultimate hardship that is, they are stuck in two worlds, a world where they are either wholly American nor are fully part of their own country. Most of these children who arrive do not have any formal education in their own country nor are they able to attend school in the US – due to illegal papers or low English proficiency. Even though they have enrolled in schools, migrant workers are forced to return to their homes, as they are unable to be employed during the winter season. This again affects their children who have been forced to discontinue their studies for several weeks, negatively affecting their attendance.

Limited English learning Immigrant Students

The Urban Institute reports that the number of immigrant children has tripled by 6-20 percent between 1970 and 2000. With this rapid enrollment of immigrant children, the nation's school strength is estimated to increase by 30 percent. Immigrant youngsters who lack English Proficiency have also increased drastically. A number of Spanish speaking children are being seen with limited English proficiency, followed by Vietnamese, Cantonese and Korean.

Challenges faced by Limited English Learning Students

Even though children of immigrant perform well, most of them, especially teens face problems when it comes to language skills, culture, and social barriers along with their poverty circle. Children are not able to cope with the natives speaking English as they lack time to get their study materials and make friends with native citizens. There are no helping hands from their family as the parents work multiple jobs or work in shift timings to make ends meet. This in due course results in more dropouts.

Young immigrant's independence constraints with the family

Children who have mastered English are often seen as translators for their parents outside, as the parents have limited English proficiency that have less education and qualification. This creates tiffs among the parents and children, where the child feels isolated in the new country and has mixed cultural barriers, on the other hand the parents feels their children have become too Americanized and independent. These misconceptions can be brought down when there is some active communication established by NGOs' to educate the parents so that they are able to give some …