High Cut-off Is Not The Only Concern To Study In DU

It is a rush time for the admission in the Delhi University and there is an equal rush to hit the high cut off marks and the increasing number of students with the every passing year. Once the student gets over with the struggle of getting into a college another road of hurdles begins. A look out for a affordable, secure and hustle free accommodation becomes another challenge for the students to tackle. It is indeed an irony that one of the country’s most prestigious and favoured institution is starved of hostel facilities. As a whole, Delhi University is the conclave of 82 colleges with various types of courses at under graduate and post graduate levels but it has only 14 hostels available for PG and less than 10 for UG students, with a maximum of 250 head count capacity. It clearly states the pathetic situation of students coming for the admission from various corners of the country. It is a fact that around 50 per cent of the students are from out side Delhi.

Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College(ARSD) has more than 800 seats for BA (Pass) course but there is not even a single accommodation available. Then why is ARSD still a favorite college for students? According to the Principal of the college Kavita Bhatia, it is simply because paying guest facilities are available at nearby locality like Satya Niketan, Moti Bagh, Nanakpura. But at the same time there is an availability of paying guest facility but at unusual high cost. It varies anywhere between Rs 3500- 4500 for a room excluding water and electricity. For food, students have to pay around 2000 rupees additional per month. The students become vulnerable as they prefer to stay near to college thus are forced to pay high rents, which become a burden for middle class families to bear.

“It is a grave cause of concern for us. I am a small businessman. But good education for my child is my prime target as there are no good colleges in my town,” Hukumchand accompanying his son Piyush from Purnia, Bihar said. Private accommodations are generally not very safe from the security point of view, especially for girls. Many incidents of molestation and eve-teasing have come in light according to the police authorities of adjoining areas of colleges. “We feel unsafe as we are away from our home town and family. Generally we return at our room before 7 pm,” said Jhanvi Singh who stays at Hudson Lane. Mukhrajee Nagar, Hudson Lane and Nehru Vihar are much favoured locations for students studying in North Campus. Though, some landlords have made special arrangements for girls but one can’t fully rely on them. Living conditions do not support the cordial atmosphere required for studies.

In south Delhi, Lady Sri Ram is the only women college, that has hostel facility for UG course, but strictly on the basis of the merit. And if one does not fall in the merit list then the person is …

Party or Paper? How to Find Time to Edit Your Work in College

If you're like most college students, you start your papers the night before they're due, and you do not give yourself enough time to do a flawless, impressive job on your work. Do not be accused – everyone does it.

As college students, our intellectual side knows that we have to be professional and take the time to do quality work for our classes, because our coursework helps to determine our future careers and paychecks. However, our social side knows that if we stay in to proofread and edit the paper that's due on Monday, we'll be missing out on parties, bar nights, and other college experiences that frankly, we just can not skip. Editing by Amanda understands your dual needs.

Editing by Amanda is a Boston-based writing resource, helping students around the country to edit papers, cover letters, and other assignments so that they can fulfill both their need for procrastination and their need for success. Social butterfly and top scholar? Why could not that be you? Editing by Amanda's online paper editing center helps you to make the most of your writing and gives you advice for how to maximize future projects.

You should be proud of the work you pass in to your professors. And come on, college students should never be penalized for wanting an active social life. With the right skills, you can write great papers and have time to party in college. …

Electronic Repair Technician Education Options

The use of electronics can be seen in almost every business and household across the country. Individuals that complete a training program and become an electronic repair technician will find a wide job market available to them. Electronic repair technician education options can be found at most voluntary colleges.

The field is typically broken down into one to two-year educational programs designed to train students to understand how to fix electronics. The purpose of this type of schooling is to learn how to become a technician by completing a program that prepares students to install, repair, and manage electronic equipment. The highest demand for this type of service comes from businesses that rely on their electronics to complete their everyday activities. Studies cover a wide mix of career related topics that include electronic circuits, devices, networking systems, and assembly techniques.

One-year programs are certificate programs that train students for entry-level technician jobs. Programs work through the process of assessing electronic problem areas and how to go about fixing them. The tools and practices used to fix malfunctioning equipment are covered in regards to different electronic systems. Typically coursework may include:

  • Technical Writing
  • Digital Systems
  • Alternating and Direct Currents

A 36 credit hour program is the normal length of a certificate program and incorporates these types of courses and more. Some certificates can be pursued as specialties, which allow students to complete programs in areas like computers and video systems. Further education leads students to programs that take two years to complete.

Two-year programs are associate degree programs that typically are completed in applied science. The analytical process of building and managing electronics is covered through a core curriculum based on the industry and advancing technology. Courses cover various subjects that typically include:

  • Electronic Systems
  • Circuit Boards
  • Electronic Measuring Equipment
  • Technology Schematics

Courses can also cover microprocessors, automated machines, computer systems, and physics. Throughout this in depth look at electronic technology students learn how to fully troubleshoot and repair different equipment.

A general introduction course covers the use of technology and equipment in today's digital age. Currents, circuits, and electronic components are explored while studying the different industry theories. A microprocessor course gives students the fundamentals of how computers are built and what electronics are included into their function. The structure, memory board, and programming of such systems are covered in regards to repair. Installation and computer repair courses focus heavily on teaching students the most common malfunctions and procedures to fix them. Training in technical support is covered as students Learn to maintain and develop their personal skills when working with different systems. Students that wish to display their professionalism and have a better chance at stepping into a job in the competitive market can gain voluntary certification. The International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians is one organization that offers certification.

Entering the field is possible after obtaining the appropriate amount of knowledge. Students can complete a certificate or associate's degree program and become an electronic repair technician in as …

University of North Texas is Hot

Since its establishment in 1890, the University of North Texas has been a hotbed of intellectual, cultural, and technological activity and achievement. Rooted in student development, the university employs an integrated approach when it comes to teaching and learning. Its faculty consisting of several professionals aid in the delivery of education that runs at par with that provided by private universities.

Academic Programs

1. Arts and Sciences

2. Music

3. Visual Arts and Design

4. Library and Information Sciences

5. Business Administration

6. Engineering

7. Education

8. Public Affairs and Community Service

9. Merchandising and Hospitality Management


Numerous opportunities in sports are offered to incoming freshmen and transferere students of the university. Sports aficionados can find their own place in any of the following varsity sports provided them satisfy varsity standards.

1. Men's and Women's Basketball

2. Cross Country

3. Football

4. Men's and Women's Golf

5. Soccer

6. Softball

7. Swimming and Diving

8. Tennis

9. Track and Field

10. Volleyball

Non-athletes can nonetheless participate in the university's numerous sports programs and activities such as summer camps and clinics which include Girl Scouts and Dance training.

Special Programs

Adding to the university's provisions for mind and body development is its eclectic assortment of special interest programs which include:

1. Air Force ROTC

2. Internships

3. Ethnic Programs

4. Fraternities and Sororities

5. Student Organizations

6. Music Activities

7. Training in Leadership

Admissions, Tuition and Financial Services

Newbies and prospective students are advised to browse through the university website: http://www.unt.edu/ for a detailed briefing regarding admissions, tuition and financial aid. You may also schedule a campus visit and tour ahead of time via the university's website. …

Do Orgasms Relieve Anxiety?

Great sex on a regular basis can, in fact, relieve or eliminate stress and anxiety. Sexually active adults are generally less stressed, calmer, and happier. Why? Sex causes a release of oxytocin and endorphins, similar to those released during exercise. The release of these chemicals helps bring about a sense of calmness and clarity. But here’s the ironic truth, or shall we say the “catch-69”: although a hot sex life can help relieve stress and anxiety – stress and anxiety can kill a hot sex life.

For many adults, going without sex can lead to the buildup of even more mental tension, which, if left unchecked, can ultimately bring about a lessened sense of self-worth. Once that occurs, the sex machine inside you can shut down completely, blocking you from the benefits of this very natural and beautiful act. Furthermore, according to a study sponsored by the University of Gottingen in Germany, sex-less people often take on more work to compensate for their frustration. And taking on the increased labor results in – you got it – even less sex.

For you sexless adults, this isn’t to suggest that you rush out the door and find any willing libido to help kick-start a sex life for you. Selectiveness is key. It also doesn’t mean that staying home and using self-satisfaction techniques (masturbation) is an equal substitute to getting it on with someone special. Actually, if you can achieve orgasm alone, but cannot through sexual intercourse, you could have performance anxiety. Most doctors agree that the positive effects of sex on anxiety are magnified when you do it with someone who plays an integral role in your life. Often, just seeing someone you love and trust with your feelings is enough to provide relief from anxiety.


As beautiful and satisfying as the act of sex can be, it is but a crescendo or journey to that final, often euphoric resting place called orgasm. It is the conclusion of the plateau phase of intercourse. For women, there is some debate surrounding the pleasure and effectiveness of clitoral versus vaginal orgasms. Fact is they both feel great and provide anxiety-reversing results. Here are some of the physical and mental reactions that occur during orgasm:

  • Breathing, pulse rate and blood pressure continue to rise during sex.
  • Muscle tension and blood-vessel engorgement reach a peak.
  • Sometimes orgasm comes with a grasping-type muscular reflex of the hands and feet.
  • An abundant release of oxytocin and endorphins occurs.
  • Following orgasm, a reduction in baseline blood pressure happens.
  • Ultimately, tension is released producing an unrivaled relaxed state of mind

When the sexual crescendo concludes, the recirculation of blood back through the brain and the balance of the body brings on a momentary sense of welcomed weakness followed by a restoration of clarity, calm, and newfound confidence (especially if your partner achieves orgasm too). It feels like all your fears are literally lifted and taken away.


Relationship …

Cultural Education Via Cultural Symbols for Interior and Exterior Decorations of Public Buildings

The cultures of people have great potentials in inculcating values and norms into its members. These values and norms disseminated through cultural education help in fostering good living relations among society members. In most cultures of the world, special cultural symbols are normally used for educating the norms and values of one’s culture. Good behavioral traits such as humility, hospitality, honesty, hard work, and respect are extolled in the symbolic and philosophical meanings enshrined in these cultural symbols. For example, in Ghana, the Adinkra symbols are culturally charged designs that illustrate the accepted values and norms in the Ghanaian community. These culture oriented symbols must be used for decorating the interiors and exteriors of public buildings like community centers, libraries, banks, hotels, restaurants and so forth. This would heighten the cultural education avenues in Ghana.

The culture-oriented symbols like Adinkra symbols offer powerful counsel and practical insight into life. It provides moral instruction to the people. For instance, the Gye-Nyame (Except God) symbol educates us on the pivotal role of God in the life of man. Thus, living in harmony with His virtues results in a successful life. Also, the Nkyinkyim (curves) symbol indicates that life is not a smooth path. It is full of ups and downs, hopes and disappointments. Thus, it offers the practical advice that one needs to be versatile in life as well as adapt to changing situations and circumstances. These and many other cultural symbols impart practical knowledge to challenging situations in life and thus must be made readily available in public buildings as forms of decorations.

Many people visit various public structures to attend to their diverse needs. For instance, many students go to various public libraries to read and undertake various research activities. Numerous families and friends visit restaurants and hotels for relaxation and recreational purposes. A critical look at the designs that are found in the interiors and exteriors of public buildings, especially in Ghana show designs that are appreciated only for their aesthetic appeal. These are normally interplay of elements of design such as lines, shapes, colors and many others that do not hold any symbolic significance. They also do not impart any cultural education to the numerous people who troop in and out of the public buildings. Thus, symbols that impart cultural knowledge of societies must be used as substitutes for these often meaningless decorations on public buildings. If the public buildings are decorated with culture-oriented symbols with brief philosophical meanings written beneath them, the attendees would be able to tap indirectly, cultural education via the cultural symbols. This would ensure the promotion and preservation of the rich, time-tested and applicable values and norms embedded in these cultural symbols.…

How to Increase Sales Performance

Increasing sales output is the primary way which businesses can increase their overall profitability and market share ratios. This is why employers from a variety of different sectors such as the finance, banking, medical and IT sectors have a high demand for sales professionals who have the skills and experience they require. Keeping consistent levels of good sales performance is never an easy task even for the most experienced corporate sales teams. At some point or the other, sales professionals will need a mechanism or a coaching service through which they can maintain motivational levels and increase their total sales output. Graduates who are looking to enter the sales industry will find that employers will hire them only if they are convinced that they can add value to their sales force. One way of convincing employers of this is to undergo comprehensive sales training. A graduate selection and sales training company which specializes in recruiting and training graduate and graduate caliber individuals can significantly assist the prospective sales job applicant.

Such companies will be able to expedite and streamline the entire process if finding a suitable sales job role. The best sales consultancies of this sort will also build and maintain effective working relationships with their corporate clients. This will ensure that they have an in-depth understanding of the operational and organizational requirements of their clients. Furthermore, in many respects, graduate trainees will also need a kind of on-the-job training after they have completed their standard formal training. The reason for this is because such extensive training will enable them to immediately settle in their new roles. It will also allow them to begin making effective contributions to their respective organizations.

The problem here is that there are very few sales recruitment consultations which offer comprehensive training and intensive post-recruitment training services. Many firms and companies simply would not provide investment outlay required for this type of training. Here, the help which a top notch sales consultancy can provide to a graduate or graduate calibre sales job applicant can not be overemphasized. The intensive sales training programs offered by agencies are sure to increase a candidate's chances of securing some of the best sales jobs on the market. A variety of post-recruitment services also help guarantee a successful career in the long run. Regardless of what sort of sales job a candidate is looking for a field sales or business to business sales job, the services of a top flight recruiting agency can provide them with effective assistance. …