The 7 Natural Laws of the Universe

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation-

* Energy moves into physical form.

* The images you hold in your mind most often materialize in results in your life.

The Law of Relativity-

* Nothing is good or bad, big or small… until you RELATE it to something.

* Practice realting your situation to something much worse and yours will always look good.

The Law of Vibration and Attraction-

* Everything vibrates, nothing rests.

* Conscious awareness of vibration is called feeling. Your thoughts control your paradigms and your vibration (which dictates what you attract).

* When you are not feeling good, become aware of what you are thinking, then think of something pleasant.

The Law of Polarity-

* Everything has an opposite: Hot – Cold … Up – Down … Good – Bad.

* Constantly look for the good in people and situations. When you find it, tell the person. People love compliments and the positive idea in your mind makes you feel good. Remember, good idea – good vibrations.

The Law of Rhythm-

* The tide goes out … night follows day … good times – bad times.

* When you are on a down swing, do not feel bad. Know the swing will change and things will get better. There are good times coming – think of them.

The Law of Cause and Effect-

* Whatever you send into the Universe comes back. Action — re-action are equal and opposite.

* Say good things to everyone; treat everyone with total respect and it will all come back. Never worry about what you are going to get, just concentrate on what you can give.

The Law of Gender-

* Every seed has a gestation or incubation period. Ideas are spiritual seeds and will move into form or physical results.

* Your goals will manifest when the time is right. KNOW they will.

So … why am I bringing these up?

Because YOU can utilize these Laws of Our Universe to bring UNTOLD wealth into your life; wealth in health, wealth in relationships (spiritual, family, personal, business), and financial wealth.

Wallace D. Wattles (the author of the book written in 1910 entitled The Science of Getting Rich) states “Getting rich is the result of doing things in a certain way.” That is the largest truth I can share with any of my family and friends (this includes You, who are reading this). That statement, and these Laws have already done so much for me with their use value. I’ve experienced an enlightening, in the sense that I no longer dread debt. I no longer have astranged relationships with my family and friends that at one time I had. I no longer see life as being a “half empty glass” now it’s “abundantly full”.

I first learned about The Secret through my sister, back in February of this year, and caught a special on Oprah about it on my birthday that month. The show was very uplifting and had me researching the …

Is Education the Key to Online Success?

Unlike most jobs in life where you're asked to provide a CV and a list of qualifications, setting up your own home based business allows you to be the master (or mistress) of your own destiny. No matter whether you have a string of GCSE's, a degree, a PhD, or no qualifications at all, you can enjoy online success. So if qualifications and education is not the key to online success, what is?

1. Not being afraid of hard work. If you fancy your chances at online success, do not ever be fooled into thinking it's the easy option. Online businesses require a huge amount of dedication, devotion and hard work. It's not simply a case of logging on and trotting down to the bank! One of the main keys to online success is relentless hard work. Dusting yourself down in the face of failure, getting back up and facing the challenges head on when you think you've tried everything and nothing is working. Now that's not easy!
2. Being a self starter. When you set up a home based business, you have the luxury of no one to answer to, no one asking you what you've done today, what you've achieved today or what you're planning for tomorrow. While that may sound idyllic, the downside is that we all need drive to make us achieve. We need something to push us to work and succeed when the pressure is on to do other things: to have coffee with friends; to walk the dog; to paint the spare bedroom … none of these things will help your online business become a success. You need to be able to motivate yourself. You need to set targets for yourself and achieve them. You need to measure your success and take action if it's not working out. In other words, you need to be a complete and devoted self starter.
3. Being interested in business. If you've always worked in a salaried position and have never been interested in the practicalities or the mechanics of business, it's possible that an online business is not for you. In order to succeed online you need to understand business and know how you're going to convert your idea into a money spinner. You need to study business and start to think with a "business head": you need to get into the mindset of a successful entrepreneur to have any chance of succeeding.
4. Having vision. One of the most important aspects of online success is vision. While most people are able to see the potential of a physical business (no matter whether it's selling products or services), some people struggle to see the possibilities of online businesses. In order to experience success online, you must be able to visualize your offering; visualize your potential customers and visualize your sales process and customer service procedure. You need to be able to see how you will set out your (virtual) stall and how you will present your offering …

Accent 101 – What is it and What to Do About It

We have all come across people who speak with accents. In a college math class with a professor from another country, on the phone with a customer service representative at an outsourced call center, at work with a co-worker born and raised in a different part of the country. We ourselves may even be that person.

You may have asked yourself, "Why does that person have an accent, even though they are speaking English fluently?" Or maybe, "Why does everyone tell me I have an accent?" Well, the truth is that we ALL have accents. It just depends on where in the world you happen to be, and who the listener is.

What, exactly, is an accent?

An accent is the result of someone learning a second language, then applying the rules of pronunciation and stress patterns from the first (or native) language to the second. It probably sounds a little confusing, so let's put it another way. The way that we speak is very individualized. No two people will pronounce their words and sounds exactly the same. The minority variations can come from different voice pitches and intonation patterns. But it also comes from the habits that we have developed over our lives. These habits shape how we will sound when learning a second language. The accent that others hear when we are talking is what happens when we use our old speech habits from our first language and use them to speaking the new, second language. We have not learned to use the "new" habits associated with the second language. If you were born in India and come to the United States for work, most likely you will be told that you have an accent, no matter how fluent your American English is. The same would be true for an American visiting Paris and trying to speak French. The person you are talking to will hear the difference right away.

OK, What's next?

Now that we know what an accent is, what can we do to make it easier to understand someone with an accent? One way to address this is to seek out Accent Reduction services. These services are designed to help someone learn new habits in order to improve pronunciation of the sounds in that second language. Although, in reality, a person is not actually reducing their accent. It's still there, but they will be able to speak clear by modifying the way they sound. This creates the perception that the accent has been reduced or lost.

Accent reduction services can be offered to both individuals and small groups, usually no larger than 5 to maximizeize benefit to all participants. The sessions can be packaged in 7-week or 13-week workshops as well as in 3-day intensive courses designed for busy professionals with limited time to attend sessions. These workshops can be connected on site or at another location, such as your home or the trainer's office.

In these workshops you will typically learn how to pronounce …

New York City – Pursue a Future in Teacher Education Colleges

Nowadays, the New York City board of education is providing high incentives for in-state and out-of-state elementary education teachers such as offering free college degrees in education. State education standards have gone up and literacy rates have been fluctuating but education colleges applicable rates have been rising. Educators and administrators have come to realize that the gaps in literacy must be closed in the early elementary school years.

In recent years, the Board of Education has gone as far as to provide qualifying scholarships and housing benefits for prospective preservice and new teachers to teach at low-performing elementary schools.

So, which college degree education program will you apply for once you have been accepted? In the last ten years, teacher colleges have seen a rising number of student applicants for both undergraduate and graduate education degrees in New York City alone.

Here are a few few of accredited college degrees in New York City which have maintained through the years, a reputable name.

Early Childhood Education Colleges

Located on the upper west side, near Columbia University, the Bank Street College of Education has a diverse early childhood education program. There are numerous college education edgrees ranging from early childhood, to literacy, to teaching English as a second language – all under the umbrella framework of early childhood education. The college also has a rich source of teaching resources of ideas for professional development in education on a variety of topics such as literacy or becoming a tutor or volunteer. You do not need to sign up or register to gain access to these free resources.

The Hunter College of Education

This is another excellent pick for those seeking a college teaching degree in early education. However, college teaching degree also include adolescent education and childhood, literacy, TESOL, special education, gifted students and counseling ranging from the undergraduate to graduate level programs. the City Universities and colleges offer top college degrees in education, so it is well worth the research and financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Queens College of Education

The Princeton Review has rated Queens College as one of America's best colleges for undergraduate education.It prepares prospective undergraduate and graduate students for the initial New York State primary certification in childhood education for grades 1-6 and early childhood education.

Columbia Teacher College offers graduate programs in teacher education.

Over to You

Narrowing your search by state is the first step to deciding what early childhood education or elementary program you want to pursue. Some have much more specialized fields of education study than others. It is best to know what area of ‚Äč‚Äčeducation you wish to study before investing in one of the New York City college education degrees. …

3 Steps to Better Student Loan Management

It has come to reality that being a college student is very difficult and stressful; they have a lot of things to think about, like requirements and deadlines. Some can not even catch a wink of sleep. That's why as much as possible, they set aside other things that has nothing to do with their studies. But what if you're a student who have taken advantage of a student loan offer? That's right.

That means that there are additional things to think about: how much loan to pay, when to pay, how to pay, etc. But not to worry, I'm not here to discourage students from taking student loans, because, no doubt, loans are very helpful, especially for financially unstable students.

Rather, I'm here to help students, in college in particular, on how to survive college when their student loans are always knock on their minds. All they need are confidence, a positive mindset, and most importantly, TEAM management.

"T" for Time Management:

We all know that time is one of the most essential and intangible things in life that we would want to consider when it comes to decision making, therefore, time tables are very important, for these schedules can manage our time. And also, setting our priorities, from highest to lowest, are also essential to be able to allocate our scarcely time wisely. And once students have managed their time, there would be more time available to think of other matters without being pressured or bothered with much more important things, that, making minds calm and at ease in making spitefully thought of decisions.

"E" for Efficient Management:

With only having 24 hours a day, this is pretty much inadequate for students. Whether you're a working student or not, it is very much important to be careful in using resources such as money, since money is our top problem in facing student loans. Priorities, again, are important in this matter; you should only spend enough on things that are relevant. Why? Because if you're not, you're definitely dead meat if you do not take full responsibilities of your liabilities, therefore, you should use your money wisely.

"AM" for Alternative Management:

If you're expecting that your parents or guardians to pay for your loans, then, you might want to have alternate sources of money. For example, you're expecting to receive a certain amount of money from your parents in payment to your loans. But suddenly, a family member gets really sick, so your parents could not send you enough money to pay your student loan, which happens to be due on that same day.

Getting part-time jobs are good alternatives and solutions for this kind of problem. With this, you do not only get to experience earning hard-worked money, and also, you're not only helping your family financially, but also, you're being open to different possibilities. This kind of mindset is positive, since you are being ready to face any problems. …