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The Student Financial Guide website is divided into categories relating to pre college resources, during college experiences, post college challenges, investing, news, and even a forum where you can chat with other members looking for advice or just wanting to chat.

Preparing for college is very important and that's why the Student Financial Guide covers topics on budgeting and planning for your college years. Not only do you have to decide where you want to go but also you have to establish a budget that includes tuition and books, living expenses, food, and of course having fun. Although tuition rates are rising most do not notice how expensive college is because you usually pay the amount in one lump sum each semester and then forget about it. However imagine paying your tuition in installments before each class period in cash. You then would realize exactly how much that hour of instruction was worth.

So you have to ask yourself, are you getting your money's worth? Image is an investment. But remember, it's not just the diploma that's valuable but the experience and the knowledge as well. Keep these four tips in mind when attending classes, and you'll succeed in the long run. Go to class prepared, go into the classroom with questions, and do not be afraid to ask them, spend extra time with professors, and seek out resources and opportunities.

For many, college is years of experience not limited to educational experience but experiences that shape you as a person. You'll meet new faces, try new things, and experience life on our own which can turn into something more expensive than planned. The average credit card debt owed by college students is approximately $ 2,700, with close to a quarter of students owed more than $ 3,000. Even more, about 10 percent owed more than $ 7,000! It's important not to let spending get out of hand because that's where college students find themselves applying for credit cards and dive into debt. Once college students graduate they are usually left still paying that debt as well as any loans taken out to cover the costs of tuition. Most do not think about what's ahead for them in the future or realize they might be faced with an emergency situation where savings would be helpful. On the Student Financial Guide website you'll find answers to your debt concerns and credit issues.

This site is useful in providing relevant data to college students on their experiences through college. Learn about money saving tips, credit and debt management, and stock market as well as so much useful college information all on . …

Military Spouse Education – Take Advantage of Scholarships For Military Dependents

If you are in a marriage where one of the spouses is enlisted in the armed forces, either the navy, the army, the marines or the air force, you can take advantage of one of the many benefits available to you. There are military spouse education plans that facilitate and promote the improvement of living standards among military personnel and their dependents. For example, you can apply for a $ 10,000 Free Military Scholarship. This program was designed as a way to acknowledge the sacrifice that military spouses and their dependents have to go through when their loved one is deployed during active duty.

This military scholarship can be enjoyed by enlisted members and by military dependents. Retired people can apply also and in most cases, residents are allowed to participate as well.

In order to enter the monthly drawing, you need to register on the web by entering a couple of details like your name, email and other basic contact information. After that you just have to wait and see if you are one of the lucky winners. With this scholarship your chances of winning are not so slim since not a lot of people apply.

If you are looking for military spouse education programs and also for scholarships for military dependents, then apply to get a Free Military Scholarship. That would be $ 10,000 free for you to use in whichever way you want as long as it is used for education related expenses such as books, computer and software and any other school supply or tuition cost. …

Career As A Hairstylist

Hairdressing is an art that involves arranging hair for aesthetic purposes, participation in formal occasions or symbolic reasons. It is a creative field that needs an inclining and flair towards styling hair in different patterns. Hairstylists can get employment in salons and wages depend on their skills and work experience along with the requirements of the salon.

Job Profile

The job of a hairstylist revolves around dealing with different kind of people. It is a very important element of the fashion world and requires creativity and ability to visualize what hairstyle would suit a certain personality or occasion. In order to succeed in this field, you need to have certain basic skills, such as how to lend a different look to a client, taking bookings over the phone, dealing with clients and product representatives, and keeping an account of bills. It is also important to understanding the positive and negative effects of using various chemicals and heat on the hair and scalp. Such fundamental skills prove to be very helpful while advising and developing a rapport with clients, which is critical to growing in this field.


You can begin by going in for an apprenticeship, which would help you develop the necessary skills. It enables you to get involved with the tasks that are generally done in a salon. In the early stages, you would have to do cleaning, shampooing, using sterilizing equipment and performing simple hairdressing treatments. Later, as you develop confidence, you would be delegated more complex tasks based on how well you have observed and imbibed the various styles and treatment processes.

Special Qualities

A hairstylist can find a job in women's, men's or unisex beauty parlors where they can experiment with their skills and bring out the best possible hair-style as desired by a customer. It is very important to have a desire to evolve as a qualified hairstylist because this job calls for a lot of patience, dedication and hard work. Hairstylists spend most of their time standing on their feet and are required to adapt to the working hours of the salon.

In general, hair stylists should possess the following personal qualities:

a) Pleasing personality

b) Good communication skills

c) Ability to work under acute work pressure

d) Endurance

e) Creative bent

f) Observant to minute details

g) Good health and no skin allergies

h) Ability to execute reception work

i) Operate a cash register and computers whenever required

j) Ability to persuade people

k) Voluntary in taking responsibilities

l) Ability to observe and learn quickly

m) Interested in fashion and an ability to keep oneself in the loop on trends in the world of fashion.

Basic Qualifications

Hairstyling can be a lucrative career if you possess the basic qualifications and are capable of doing your work with concentration. More often than not, a hairstylist's work profile can involve performing the following duties:

a) Discuss and advise clients regarding various hair problems

b) Cutting hair using scissors, clippers or razors.

c) Shampooing, conditioning …

Restaurant Waiters – Start a Promising Career in a Restaurant

Performing the role of a waiter demands a lot of attributes. Patience, ability to work hard and problem solving skills are just the tip of the iceberg. The primary goal of every waiter should be to keep the customer happy. This endeavor alone requires the perfection of many tasks including:

1. Taking and Delivering the Orders Correctly

2. Keeping the Tables Clean

3. Solving Customer Complaints

4. Properly Dealing with Difficult Customers

5. Ensuring Good Communication with Co-workers and the Customers

Experience and Training for Waiting

Getting hired as a restaurant waiter does not necessitate a college degree. That is why it is one of the popular choices among teens as a part time employment option. However, if you want to serve in a high end restaurant rather than a regular fast food joint, you would need some vocational training. Most high end waiting jobs require some prior experience on the part of an employee. Therefore, if you are just starting out, it is best you get experience in fast food restaurants and do a vocational course as well. This will help you immensely when you apply in expensive restaurants.

The Financial Aspect

The salary you would draw depends immensely on the establishment you are working with. While fast food restaurants would pay you slightly more than minimum wages, bigger restaurants will pay a much better salary. Moreover, the tips you would get would be more. Add to that your service charge and you are looking at an exciting pay package.

Getting the Job

Gone are the times when you had to search newspapers and magazines to look for a suitable restaurant job opening. You can now visit many exclusive restaurant job websites who cater exclusively to the restaurant industry. To open up a whole new world of exciting careers in restaurant industry, you have to sign up with these websites. You will then be able to get access to all kind of restaurant positions fulfilling your job, location and other choices.…

Physical Education in Our Schools

Physical Education is a vital part of our public education system. It is a key to improving a child’s confidence, brainpower and long-term health. One of the major goals of physical education is to prepare students to be active and healthy for a lifetime. Physical education should be an integral part of the total education of every child in Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Recognizing the importance of physical education at a young age promotes healthy habits throughout life. As modern life becomes more sedentary and specialized, particularly for those who live in cities, the importance of physical education increases. It is important that children understand the importance of Physical Education and good health in their lifestyle. Schools should also recognize the importance of physical education.

One significant area of concern is the decrease in the physical activity of youth and of physical education in schools. The need for more physical education in schools is increasingly obvious to parents and healthcare professionals as well as professional educators. This is a great first step in elevating the role of physical education in schools.

Teaching physical education and play are as crucial to a child’s development as any academic endeavor. Teaching physical education majors study the effects of physical activity on the body and mind, especially in the development of young people.

Physical education is a supremely important component of a child’s development. Physical Education is an important aspect of a total education. Again one of the major goals of physical education is to prepare students to be active and healthy for a lifetime. Physical education is key to improving a child’s confidence, brainpower and long-term health. The aim of physical education is to establish a culture of health and fitness, which is for the benefit of society. Quality physical education should be provided to all students as an integral part of K-12 education.…

Making a Career Change – Self Assessment Activities

It is estimated that a person will have over 15 different jobs in their lifetime. The days of picking one career and sticking with it for a number of years has long passed. Even though career changes are a part of life the decision to make that career change will never get easier. There are a lot of factors that go into making that career change. However the most important factor will be the self assessment that goes with making a career change.

Self assessment activities are one of the most popular ways that people decide to make a career change. It allows a person to be able to look within themselves, assess what their current wants and needs are and figure out if they are meeting them through their current career. Engaging in self assessment activities prevents a person from making a career change quickly and without much thought behind it. Self assessment activities make sure that making that huge decision to change career paths is done because it is something you truly want and not just a passive phase.

There are a number of self assessment activities that are available for those considering making a career change. It is recommended that a person make a list of pros and cons about their current job and what would come of changing career paths. If you are finding it hard to make up a list of pros and cons there are plenty of self assessment tests and checklists available online that can help direct your thinking and list making. Another self assessment activity that is recommended is to engage in keeping a journal. This will allow you to see what your feelings are from day to day and help aid in the decision to change careers.

Making a career change is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Changing careers can have a massive impact on a person’s life. It can change the types of jobs they are eligible for, schooling that is needed, their personal life and even how a person feels about herself. Self assessment activities allow a person to be able to take a step back and see if a change in careers is really what the best choice is for them and what direction to take after that decision is made. It prevents people from making a quick decision to change careers without thinking it all the way through.…

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Most New Daycare Owners Make – And How to Avoid Them!

What does it take to be successful in child care?

Obviously, you should have a deep & passionate desire to take care of children, a huge amount of patience, and the ability to juggle several tasks at once (such as warming a bottle while helping toddlers with an art project).

It also helps if you have a separate space in your home, such as a finished basement, where you can run your child care business.

But as if that isn’t enough, there are many things that a successful home daycare owner needs to be good at besides caring for children. Honestly, it can be quite daunting.

Things like getting paid on time from parents, writing solid policies & contracts, marketing your business to new potential clients, obtaining the right insurance policy, understanding record-keeping and how it affects your taxes, and overall, just getting started in a manner that will optimize success.

To help you get started more successfully, here are seven of the biggest, costliest mistakes women make when starting their own home-based child care business, and how to avoid them.

BIG MISTAKE #1: Not doing the proper research on the child care market in your town or city.

This is a crucial step that many new child care business owners miss, usually because they’re not sure how to go about it. Or they may think that it’s not really necessary to do the research, because they don’t understand how it could impact them.

After all, it’s just a small home-based business, right? Why do you need to do all that extra work up-front?

The goal here is not to spend weeks or months completing some huge market research project that you’re not ever going to use.

I’m talking about spending a few hours over the next few days, calling around (or maybe visiting some other child care businesses) and asking key questions.

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. My neighbor Mary, who runs a child care business in her home, discovered a couple things about our local market that helped her create a more profitable business. The first thing was, our town has ½-day Kindergarten, not full-day. By talking to other Moms in our town, Mary found there was a need in our town for “before-and-after care”, that is someone who could watch Kindergarteners & older kids before and after school. She structured her daycare to fill this need. All she had to do was make sure the buses were able to pick up & drop off these kids at her home, and she was able to start taking kids.

So what you want to uncover, when you do your upfront research, is a “pocket of unfulfilled need” in terms of child care. You don’t need it to be a huge pocket, but something unique about your business that will bring you customers who have that need.

Other examples of this are:

– offering second or third shift care if you have large companies …