Unemployment Problem In Bangladesh

Unemployment means lack of job facilities for able-bodied persons both educated and illiterate. It is a world-wide problem. No country in the world is absolutely free from the problem of unemployment. In fact, it is a common phenomenon in almost all the countries of the world- both developed and developing. Bangladesh is a developing country. It is trapped in a serious unemployment problem. The rate of unemployment in Bangladesh is more than 25% of total population.

Causes of unemployment:

Unemployment occurs when there are more people looking for employment than there are opportunities for employment. Many are the cause of unemployment in Bangladesh. Such as –

>> Population growth: Bangladesh is a country of over population. There job facilities can not keep pace with the increasing number of people. It is now counted as one number problem of Bangladesh. Population has become a burdensome for the country instead of being an asset. The rate of population growth at present is 21.6 per thousand which is quite alarming.

>> Lack of industrialization: Bangladesh is very backward in industries. They can absorb only a finger-counted number of people. Cottage industries have almost ceased.Their industries can hardly stand in the face of strong and unhealthy of the world competition.

>> Defective education system: Bangladesh education system is very defective. It has little provision for voluntary training for a learner. It fails to give him an independent start of life. The number of educated unemployed people is increasing day-by-day for the cause of the session jam in the higher educational institutions.

>> False illusion: There students and youths have false sense of dignity to become officers. They madly run after the illusion of official jobs and remain unemployed. They think that service is more honorable than independent business. Here they give little importance to the dignity of manual labor.

>> Lack of skill: There is a serious want of skilled people in Bangladesh. The inventory knowledge is fully absent in them. As a result, the unskilled people remain unemployed. Again, the unequitable distribution of national wealth and concentration of wealth to a few are creating unemployment problem directly or indirectly.

>> Lack of investment: Investment paves the way to create opportunities for employment. But most of the people of Bangladesh are hard hit by extreme poverty and live from hand to mouth. As a result, there is a tremendous lack of savings in the country. As there is lack of saving, there is lack of investment. Again, the investors feel secured to invest money in personal enterprises instead of public enterprises due to the political turmoil in the country.

>> Lack of proper utilization of resource: The other countries people often joke Bangladesh as the 'Poor inmates of a rich country'. This paradoxical statement implying that they have not yet been able to brighten their lot by making proper and best use of their huge hidden natural resource. As a result, they are lagging behind much more the other countries of the world in …

Understanding Scientific Terminology – Getting the Right Mindset and the Right Information

I remember when I started studying science (a while ago now!) I would always be really excited that a new understanding or discovery was just around the corner.

Thoughts and Experiences: When I first started studying everything was great and I progressed well, but, as time went on I had to remember new scientific terminology and scientific words. All these words, terms and meanings seemed to mold together and I would spend a huge amount of time trying to recall which one mean what.

I even wrote my own scientific terms dictionary scribbled on paper. It was neat at first but then got hard to follow. I never quite grasped the true meanings and ended up writing down something that was not the exact meaning. I gave up writing it as I did not want to trip myself up or waste precious time.

I would also be told to check my books, which also took up a surprisingly large amount of time due to these books using other terms or words that I would then have to look up to grasp the meaning of the first word I was needing to understand … I got quite stressed and it got in the way of my studies.

Beliefs and Understanding: Notes are infinitely useful but they are not always quickly or easily found and they can be left somewhere or they can be lost or damaged. The place for notes in our new and modern age is purely for revision purposes I feel.

What is needed now is a source that is easily accessible, that is unable to be lost, that is accurate, that is understandable and relaxed but is specific and exact. An online science glossary.

The problem with relying upon a book to explain something is that it will generally be in "its own language" by which I mean, within the context of the book it is making sense, but in a different environment (that is EXACTLY the same) you could become lost and here and see words and terms that you suddenly do not understand and this can really shake someone's self belief, especially within the science world.

The Solution: What is needed is an online science glossary that covers all terms and words that you might come across if you were to choose to read from a different source. Suddenly, you know what this particular word means and understand and do not have to trail through books to find the meaning of some new science terminology that you already know and after spending your time looking you find that this specific science terminology is a word that means exactly the same thing as the other word that you already already knew.
Very frustrating.

The future is within indisputable, indestructible, quickly accessible & easily understandable online electronic information and we should not be ignoring an easier future within a scientific terms dictionary. …

CLEP – Finish College Faster & Cheaper

If the lack of time and money is hampering your college education, taking the CLEP exam could help make the road to higher education a little easier.

CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program. It consist of 34 exams that one can take for credit towards a college credit. The exams are mostly multiple choice but it can be fill in the blanks as well.

The examinations are given via computer and cost around $ 77 per test.

Take the CLEP if:

* You want to finish college in under three years, saving time and money.

* You have prior knowledge which can be used towards college credit

* You want to get a feel for how difficult a degree is by doing a few courses.

Do not confuse the College Level Examination Program tests with the so called life experience degree. There are many life experience degrees being sold on the net and in magazines. One can buy bachelors, masters or even PhD life experience degrees which the sellers want you to believe are acceptable.

Truth is these degrees are as worthless as the paper which they are printed on. They are not accredited, will not be accepted by any reputable college or employer. As a matter of fact, if you buy one of these fraudulent degrees, you'll be doing more to damage your reputation than anything else you could ever do.

The CLEP on the other hand gives you a bonafide credit for existing knowledge. All you have to do is pass an exam or exams.

If you are in the military or a spouse of someone in the military, you can even get to do the exams for free. Check with your military base to find out more details.

It is important that do not be overconfident and ideally prepare for the tests. In this regards we recommend the appropriate test guides. …

Preparing For a Successful Mining Career

When you think of getting a mining career, one of the advantages to this is that there are many positions available to unskilled workers as well. Although many vacant position postings cater to people considering to be skilled in their jobs, there is also a wide opportunity for unskilled workers who are still trying to gain experience. In the Australia mining industry for example, many job hunters want to find the entry level job perfect for their credentials.

The advantage in taking up an entry-level job as an unskilled worker in Australia mining industries is that you can build up on your experience first. Not many people are able to get the right training and this is why an entry-level job is often the best way to start your career in the mining industry. However if you are a skilled worker but there are no vacant positions ideal for you, you can also take up an unskilled job post first, and start from there.

When you choose to get an unskilled job in the mining industry, you need to have the physical stamina in doing so. Most of the mining career tasks require intense effort, so you need to be ready for them. Although not all jobs are physically taxing, it is important for you to expect that the jobs could also be challenging and often located in difficult areas. Thus, following the right instructions is essential, specifically when it comes to safety measures.

Another typical job for an unskilled laborer is being the operator of a machine or some dump trucks. Thus, you need to have the right license for such jobs, like a driving license or a truck license. Most of the jobs available in the mining industry are done on a per-shift basis. Most of the shifts run for straight 12 hours. The roster arrangement is also often followed in many types of the mining career. This often depends on the company you are employed with nonetheless. Rosters can run for 3 weeks, giving you a week off.

You can find a wide range of mining jobs in Australia.

Some of these jobs are trade assistants, preparers, driller assistants, and of course, being a general laborer. Office positions, albeit on an entry-level, are also available. These include cleaning positions in the office and even catering posts. There is also a good opportunity for you to earn good money from a mining career, even when you choose an entry-level post.

Although you are merely applying for entry-level jobs, the right background and training is still important. You need to have the right licenses for your position, and this also includes the right credentials and certifications. In Australia, there are many mining jobs waiting to be filled. One of the best things that you can do before applying for any job is to get the needed advice from professionals.

By seeking the right assistance from the right sources and knowing where to look, you can jump start on your …

Renegade University Review – Will This Training Really Help You Grow Your MLM?

In the recent past, a particular book called the Renegade Network Marketer has spawned a huge following, and even a particular training geared around it which teachers some of the behind the scenes marketing of it. However, what is this training course really all about, and is it worthwhile, or just another online scam?

Now, let's dig into precisely what Renegade University offers. At its core, it is a complete free training curriculum put together by the people at marketing merge. One of the major focuses of the 7 part training lesson is taking you from a point of hunting and searching for prospects, beggin family and friends, to using a technique called attraction marketing to bring prospects and potential business partners to you.

One of the first beginning lessons over there at Renegade University centers around really figuring out who your best prospects are, and hint, hint, it is not everyone, and learning how you can help them out with your business or product.

The next natural step is to learn how to use the internet to put yourself front and center in front of those best prospects. This is where they say the rubber meets the road at Renegade University.

The general idea is to use something known as content marketing to get in front of those prospects you identified earlier.

Content marketing is a technique where you create free content in either text, audio, or video and get in front of people on search engines or social networks to generate free network marketing leads.

The training there at renegade university goes into creating various forms of content, to include creating articles, videos, and using things such as web 2.0 sites, all of which are very popular online.

The general concept is that while the prospect is using the internet to research some issue that they are having, they find your content, and if your information is good and helpful enough, go ahead and request for information from you via your email series.

So, how precisely does this help you in grow your business? Instead of hounding them to buy your "stuff" you instead have earned their trust by giving them useful information first, which naturally builds an attraction towards you and what you offer in your business or product.

In summary what does this individual renegade university review think, is this all a scam or not? Completely not a scam, and in fact is one of the better courses out there teach beginners about online marketing and attraction marketing to grow their MLM business.

To learn even more about Renegade University, read below and click on the link for more information. …

Entrepreneur Ideas – Turn Your Hobby Into a Money-Making Career

If you are ready to be your own boss, but do not know where to start, take a look around you; entrepreneur ideas around you on a daily basis. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Taking stock of your hobbies is a great place to start when deciding on a business idea. If your particular hobby is popular enough with others, and if you possess a real talent at it, you can easily turn it into a career.

* Photography – If your passion is photography, chances are you own a professional grade camera that will allow you to take quality photos you can sell. Starting a photography business from home can begin by offering to take pictures for a friends wedding, or of their brand new baby. You can also take oddball photos of everyday objects and sell them on stock photo websites. You are also able to set your desired copyright level for each photo.

* Writing – Many people consider writing an enjoyable hobby, although admittedly not all of reporters can offer the caliber material that draws in the right money making opportunities. Explore your options by offering to write a small piece for a local recreational guide. Sell ​​an article or two to a website owner, or offer to write a guest post on a blog. You will know rather quickly if writing is a career option you can take advantage of.

* Handmade Items – Bidding sites are an excellent place to sell home items. Beaded jewelry, handmade dolls, crocheted decorations and clothing, and handcrafted soaps and candles are extremely popular. Anything you would find in a specialty gift shop can be sold online with a good return for your investment.

* Collecting – Obviously you can not make money just by collecting items. However, amass a large enough collection and you can turn it into a sales business. If you have been collecting Barbie's since they were invented, for instance, you could keep yourself quite busy on bidding sites for years to come.

Becoming an entrepreneur can be really fun if you work with something you love. Most of us need to enjoy what we do to have any satisfaction with our careers, and by turning your hobby into a money-making enterprise, you can enjoy such success. …

Florida Win Averts BCS Nightmare

The big question everyone is asking is – what happened to Ohio State? Everyone is talking about how the Gators destroyed the Buckeyes to win the 2006 BCS College Football Championship. The Gators seemed like they were in a different league than the Buckeyes. And, the truth is, they are.

The 41-14 final score makes the game seem closer than it was. Half of the Buckeyes 14 points came from their opening kick-off return. After that play, the Buckeyes were completely dominated in every phase of the game. Florida had 370 total yards to Ohio State's 82. The Buckeyes' Heisman Trophy quarterback Troy Smith was held to only 4 pass completions (2 in each half); 35 passing yards; 1 interception; 0 touchdowns. The BCS Championship game was the worst game in Troy Smith's career.

It's not a coincidence that the National Championship game was also the first time Troy Smith had ever been on the same field with the speed and power of a Southeastern Conference (SEC) football team. I bet a lot of Buckeye players celebrated the day after the game. Celebrated the fact that they will never again play on the same field with a team from the SEC.

There is an old saying that "practice makes perfect." Playing in the SEC, Florida gets lots of practice. In 2006, the Gators had the toughest schedule in the nation (.643 opponents winning percentage). Florida beat four Top-25 teams (LSU, Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee) and lost to a fifth– # 9 Auburn. Additionally, they beat four other bowl teams (Alabama, South Carolina, Kentucky and Florida State). So, before last night's game, the Gators had already played against NINE other bowl teams.

Ohio State? Well, the Buckeyes play in the Big Ten and therefore only faced three Top-25 teams all year. They averaged over 36 points and 410 yards a game against mostly weak opponents. Ohio State simply was unprepared for the talent and intensity of a team like Florida. Gators defensive end Jarvis Moss said after the game that four or five SEC teams could beat Ohio State. I would not go that far, but it is true that all nine SEC teams Florida faced (including Vanderbilt) played the Gators tougher than Ohio State did.

You need more proof the SEC is in a league of its own? OK Since the advent of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) system, the SEC leads all conferences (by a wide margin) with a 10-4 BCS bowl game record. SEC teams are an undefeated 3-0 in BCS National Championship games. In this past college football season, the SEC:

1. Led the nation with six teams in the final AP Top-25 poll. No other conference had more than four.

2. In the regular season, the SEC had an incredible 41-7 non-conference record. This .854 non-conference winning percentage was the best in the nation.

3. Had the most teams selected for bowls (9) and the most bowl wins (6). No other conference had more than 4 …

8 Tips To Make Your Career Change A Successful One

Are you one of the many that are seriously considering making a career change, and thinking about the steps needed to make a successful switch? It’s important to have a good plan in place before committing to starting a new career.

A Good Plan and a Long-Term View

It’s best to be sure that the change will bring you and your family happiness, joy, and financial security. A low-stress atmosphere each day is always recommended and beneficial long-term.

Here’s a list of 8 things that I would need to do to make my career change a successful one:

  1. I would make a list of my personal, and family needs or requirements. I’ll include everything that I need to keep myself in a happy and comfy state while I make this career change.
  2. What will I give in exchange for learning and earning in my new career? It is very important to understand that in order to add such an activity as a new career to my life, I need to take the time and energy away from something else and give it to my future pursuit.
    I will no doubt have to give up some TV time, maybe not watch television for a few hours per night. I’ll have to give up my wasted computer time of watching YouTube videos about news and entertainment, or I might need to sacrifice a few nights a week and weekends. Many fail because they simply cannot find the time to change. It’s always up to me to take my own time and spend it wisely. This determines my success and speed in reaching my goals.
  3. Do I have what it takes to excel at this new career? I need to be honest with myself. I might have to develop the qualities and characteristics that are necessary in order to thrive and be successful in this new career. An example can be seen in a salesperson. An experienced and successful salesperson will have great communication skills. Whatever product or service they’re selling, they have the skills needed for a solid foundation. Skills like good leadership, organizational skills, and they’re great listeners, able to read their prospect’s minds well. They know how to explain, in a convincing way, how their product or service is perfect for them and something that they just can’t live without. These are all abilities that can be developed and many have sharpened their characters to excel in their profession and have become very successful.
  4. I’ll want to talk to a few people who are currently in the career that I’m considering and ask questions and get a good picture of what it’s like from one day to another in that particular job or career. I’ll make a list of the pros and cons. Some things might sound great and rewarding, but once I do my research my mind might change and see it as less appealing.
  5. It’s easier now than ever before to get educated on just about any career