How to Read Minds – How to Guess a Persons Career

Many people will ask you to guess their career as a sort of test of your abilities. If this comes up, there are several things that can help you make the right guess.

First, be very observant. For men, look at their fingernails. If they have grease under their nails, that indicates a mechanic. Shake hands, without being obvious, and feel for calluses or rough hands that would indicate more manual work.

Look at a man’s tie, if he is wearing one. You can always spot a man who does not usually wear a suit. Usually his tie is not tight under the collar.

Rings are indications of married or not and men with no rings often work with machines and need to keep their rings away from them for safety.

Check out physique. Do you see muscles or not? What type of career would the physique suit?

Observe how a woman walks. Does she have good posture? Does she know how to walk in heels? More subtle make-up may indicate an executive position.

The best answer you can give, when asked to guess their career, is that the person “fixes, rehabilitates or repairs something”. This line is great in that the vast majority of jobs do actually “fix or repair something.” “I’m getting the impression that you are involved with fixing or repairing…”

Think about it. Aside from the obvious jobs, like mechanic or dentist, most jobs involve fixing something. How about a sales person? He or she repairs a company’s bottom line. Teachers? They fix a student’s ability to learn. Taxi drivers? Apart from doing minor repairs to their cabs, they have routes “fixed” in their minds. A receptionist? Maybe he or she doesn’t repair or fix anything per se but there’s a good chance their company might.

I’d say almost any job or career can be reframed as one that fixes problems or repairs something.

To get some practice with this, go over your job and the jobs of family members, friends and neighbors. How do these jobs fix or repair something?

Practice, when you are not performing, by observing everything you can and then asking people what they do for a living. You will be amazed how good you can get and you can use this in your mind reading.…

6 Signs You're Ready for a Career Change

As you go through your life, you'll be growing and the career you chose as a younger version of yourself may not be the best fit for you now. It's important to be self-reflective and check in with yourself from time to time, especially if you notice yourself being bored or unhappy. No one describes to spend their days doing something that is unfulfilling.

Here are some signs you need a change:

1. Energy depletion or boredom.

Any job may have moments of boredom. But if you constantly feel apathetic and feel an energy drain at the end of each day, something's wrong. Do you dread Monday morning starting on Sunday afternoon? Does getting up each day require towing yourself up and out the door through sheer willpower? Do you hate talking about your work?

Explore what it is that's causing the energy depletion. Is it the actual job itself, the commute, your co-workers or the management style? Is there something you could tweak, like switching to a different position within the same company, or moving closer? Can you arrange to work from home a few days a week?

Then explore what things add to your energy in your life, whether at work or at home. What do you love doing? What things make you lose track of time? What are your interests? What would you like to learn or spend more time with? Do you long for more connection with nature? Do you want to add more creativity to your work and life?

If it's the job itself that is at the center of your energy drain, it's a clear signal its time to make a change in your career.

2. Loss of Passion and Purpose.

Feeling your work has mean and is personally fulfilling is essential. If you are no longer excited about your work, you will not be happy and your happiness is a key factor in your ability to perform at your best and advance in your career. Many people make the mistake of going for a job opportunity that offers a bigger paycheck. Sure, we all need money to survive. But going for a job only for the payout can backfire. Financial rewards are not enough when the work is not fulfilling and you are not happy in it. In the long run, people who are happy and have carers that ignite a feeling of passion and purpose actually can make more money than those in unfulfilling careers. Do not feel like you have to stay stuck in a job you hate just for the paycheck.

3. Your talent is not valued.

If your employer does not value your talent, it's hard to stay enthusiastic and motivated about your work. If you are not being valued, your promotion will not be supported and your work environment may not be the best fit for you.

4. Your values ​​and the company's values ​​are not in alignment.

You need to be clear on your top values ​​and …

How to Find Good Cambridge Piano Lessons

Cambridge in the United Kingdom is home to one of the world's top universities, University of Cambridge. Finding the right piano class here will not be difficult since this place has a rich tradition in culture. The secret to finding the correct piano lessons for you is to look beyond the price of the class, instead looking at some other factors as discussed here.

Cambridge piano lessons can be found anywhere around the area. If you do not know who to approach since this could be the first time for you, you should ask around. The best way to meet people from the field or students learning piano is to visit the many music schools or inquire with the arts or music faculty at the university.

You should contact the National Early Music Association (NEMA) when looking for good piano lessons in Cambridge. Some of the office bearers will be able to provide you with good points for lessons. If you have reached a dead-end when looking for good piano lessons, then try the Choir of St. Louis. John's College in Cambridge. The Director of Music here is Andrew Nethsingha. It is always good to make contacts, as they would be good for future reference.

Richard Blom-Smith has been playing the piano for 21 years. He offers piano lessons in the comfort of your home. Angela Fenton is based on Milton Road in Cambridge and offers fun lessons to beginners and advanced pianists. You might want to look up the local telephone book and see if there could be any schools or classes for Cambridge piano lessons nearby.

Visiting one or more of these classes will give you a good idea into which one you want to enroll yourself. You will also be able to find many students who would be happy to provide you with tips and information on the school. Cambridge is where many popular music groups, musicians and singers were born.

The capacity of good Cambridge piano lessons should not be too much. More than six students per session of the piano class would be too much for you. You might want to consider private classes that take place in someone's home. These might be more expensive but worth it as you will get individual attention.

Good piano lessons will dwell on theory lessons as much as they would on playing the piano. Theory of piano is very important as it gives the student information about the origins of the piano and the masters and composers who save the piano the status it enjoys today. Study of the piano takes years and students should take theory classes seriously. …

Cricket As Career Option For Youth

Some youth may be too keen on the game of cricket to take their studies seriously. They may believe that going to school is a chore they can do without. Their mind may be on taking the game of cricket as a career option. But can a career be made out of a game where people use long bats to knock around a small ball thrown from the opposite end of long playing area? Can someone live on a sport, which many believe does not have the widespread popularity of games such as soccer, lawn tennis, and basketball? Stories from newspapers, the internet, radio, television, and other elements of the mass media say that the game of cricket can be taken as a good career option for the youth. If you love the game, the mass media looks to say, and you are not just in it to earn a few millions, anything is possible. Here are a few facts to show that those in the mass media might not be wrong.


During the recent IPL bidding for new cricketers in India, crores of rupees were handed over to many young players in deals to integrate them into the professional world of cricketing. For those of them, who won the under 19 world cup for India, they earned as much as 15 LAKH rupees. The reason for this treatment of the young players is that every win makes the game of cricket to become irresistible and encouragements companies, individuals, and government to invest in the game. With more success and experience, the young players who got deals at the IPL bidding will get much more when the next bidding takes place.


Cricket players do not earn money alone from their statutory wages. They get a lot more from opportunities such as advertisements and endorsements, especially when they become successful at international cricket series and become brands. When they perform brilliantly at series against top notch cricket countries such as Sri Lanka, England, Australia, and the West Indies, their reputation rises and they become national icons. This enables them to negotiate lucrative transactions through advertisement and endorsements. Dhoni, Yuvrag, Sachin, top notch players in the Indian game, are examples of cricket players in this category. They earn so much money from out-of-the-field activities that they make the game to be lucrative.


Due to the exploits of India at the 20-20 world cup and the under 19 world cup, the IPL and the ICL have decided to increase the intake of new players so that more talents can be discovered to become instrumental to India to continue to be outstanding in the world of international cricket. There is no doubt that the increased opportunities for youths will lead to better deals and more money.


To succeed in cricket, youths must have passion for the game. They must not believe they can be successful if they do not have strong interest in it. If they are convinced that …

Sales Careers – How to Earn Lots of Money in Sales

You must establish a good sales career in order to earn good money in sales. This article will guide you regarding establishing a good career in sales. Read on to get some tips:

The steps:

• When you are applying for a sales position in a company, do close the sale in both the cover letter that you submit and also in the interview that you will face. The recruiters want to see whether you can close the sale or not. Therefore, you must complete the task of closing the sale. In your cover letter, write that you are seeking an interview. Also mention that you are going to call the company and ask for an appointment with the employer.

• Always remember your transferable skills. You may be a fresher in this profession. But this does not mean that you can not be successful in this profession. You must have acquainted some experiences from activities that are similar to sales. Have you raised funds for any cause? Have you given presentation before an audience? Have you been successful in convincing people with your opinion? These are some of the skills that you require in this profession. While you are facing an interview, mention these. These are the sills that you need in any type of sales career or in any stage of your sales career. Be it in a medical sales career or in any stage of your sales career starting from sales training careers up to sales management career and the top sales career, you require these basic skills.

• A good employer will provide you good training so that you learn the job and also learn the tricks and trade that is required to boost sales. You grow through the learning process. So look out for employers who give good training.

• If you want to establish a successful sales career and earn a lot of money in this profession, you must always establish good networking. Connect with professionals in this field. Networking, if done properly, will take you a long way.

• You must be able to deal with rejection. This is something that you are bound to face. But you can not take it personally. You must move on.

• Select a product that interests you. You will not be able to sell products that embarrass you. Your enthusiasm regarding a product will take you a long way if you want to sell it.

• Your appearance matters a lot. You must be presentable and properly dressed for the occasion. Your employers while recruiting you will take into account how you have appeared for the interview. While you are selling a product to your clients, your appearance matters a lot. Basically, in this profession, the saying, first impression is the last impression, holds a lot of value.

• You must seek help from a mentor. Select a person who has a lot of experience in this field and who can guide you well. …

Online Education Consultants – Your Guide for Making the Right Decision

You have decided that you will take your education and skill knowledge a step further by doing a higher education course or degree in your field or niche. But plethora of options of online courses, universities, college, institutes offering online course has made you confused to zero down on one option. In such a situation a professional help can guide you through making a correct career option.

Education consultant is a person who can give you professional education guidance on selecting the right course, potential college which will take your professional career graph higher. Such education guides or consultants are experts in their field and have great knowledge and skills to guide students for choosing the best option available for them.

Benefits of Education Consultation

1) Personalized Attention

As the competition in education sector has reached a cut level level it has made the process of college and course selection for students very time consuming and a complex one too. Selection of a course and college is very important as a whole of the value depends on it. Same course is offered by 100s of universities and college but what really make a difference is what they are offering, the content of the course, the reputation of the institute, and in this education consultant can help you.

Educations counselor will communicate with the students understand their current career status; get information about their further aspirations. On the basis of all this they will provide you with the best suited course programs offered by different universities. They will help you through the research process and make you understand how to find the effectiveness of the education course.

2) Offer Best Guidance

The World Wide Web (internet) is one place where one can get information about anything. But vast information collected can also fall short to answer your personal questions and questions like: Which college is good? Whose course content is better? Which online course will fulfill my career needs?

An education mentor will be able to help you through all your questions and helps in organizing things for you. He will draw the information in such a manner that it will be the best for your needs. His vast knowledge about the colleges, courses being offered can asserts the students to get enroll in the best suitable colleges according to their needs, capacity and goals.

3) Online Education Consultation

There are many consultants who provide online education consultation to students. They provide you online discussion in choosing the right course selection which helps you rise in your career path.

Know do not stress you on making the right college selection, contact online education consultant to guide you in selecting the best choice as per your needs. …