Are Online Life Experience Degree Programs Right For You?

Online life experience degree programs can be of benefit to anyone seeking to improve their marketability and earnings level in today's competitive job market, but who may be unable to attend a full-time university to college due to financial constraints. Better qualifications are such an important aspect that there are Federal and State Grants available for low-paid workers and the unemployed to upgrade their skill levels. As anyone without an accredited recognized qualification knows, this lack can reduce promotion prospects as well as make it difficult to find alternative employment, so it would seem to be worth to obtain recognition for experience.

How does it work?

People who have obtained practical experience in a field related to a degree course can apply to have their experience rated against a set of degree criteria to find out whether their experience is sufficient for them. There may be a shortfall in certain respects and the applicant will be informed so that they can make up any deficiency. This at the very least means that some recognition will be obtained for working experience and such experience may be found sufficient to meet the requirements for a degree with no further training necessary.

Who should consider applying?

Anyone who has been employed for three years in a particular position, in which expertise experience for a qualification has been gained, especially anyone who has received training for that position, should consider applying for recognition of their practical expertise. Those from other countries who wish to seek employment in the United States could also apply, as this can be an avenue to get recognition for qualifications and experience gained outside the country. You will at least find out what additional qualifications you might need to meet the requirements for a particular degree.

What should an applicable be aware of?

Anyone who is considering applying for such recognition should take into account whatever the institution he is applying to is reputable and whether the additional courses could be done through them. There are many online colleges and universities offering life experience degree programs which qualifications are not accepted in the labor market. An applicant is to be warned against these institutions.

A good policy is to verify if the qualification is accepted by the US Dept. of Labor and if the college or university is accredited by the National Academic Higher Education Agency ( After all, the qualification can mean a lot to an individual and it is worth taking the trouble to make sure it will be recognized.

Today more and more employers as well as Federal and State agencies insist on qualifications as a pre-condition for employment. Many people who had been unable to obtain degrees or had been forced to abandon studies due to financial problems have been severely disadvantaged by this growing trend. Online life experience degree programs meet a very real need and offer an opportunity to those who most need it. …

Sculptures and Art From the Philippines

Sculptures from the Philippines come in a variety of mediums. There are glass sculptures, marble sculptures, bronze and mixed medium sculptures. The themes, forms and styles used for Filipino sculptures run the artistic gamut from abstract sculptures to figure studies.

During the 18th century sculptures from the Philippines reflected Catholic themes. One of the most famous 18th century Filipino sculptures was the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception. This sculpture was created in ivory. It was decorated using polychrome, glass, silver and gilding.

Alma Quinto is a modern Filipino sculptress that works in a variety of mediums and art forms. Her Lolita’s Pet is a mixed medium sculpture that has been featured in several publications. It is currently valued at about S$500. If you enjoy the sculptures created by this artist then you may also be interested in the illustrations, paintings, textiles and installation pieces created by this artist as well.

Duddley Diaz is another modern artist from the Philippines who specializes in unique sculptures. He was born in the Philippines in 1962. His artistic education started at the University of the Philippines where he earned a BFA. It then continued at the Academia di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy. Here Diaz studied both painting and sculpting. One of the pieces that this Filipino artist created was the Preacher no. 3. This 1997 creation was formed from wood and other mediums. It was valued at S$7,000. In addition to wood, Diaz also works in bronze. His bronze sculpture Goddess with a Bough has been valued at S$7,000.…

Improve Memory to Guidance Your Career Skills

Females are recognized to multitask. It is a talent many are proud of, often performing from mindless repetition, often learned because of their see returning their children, sometimes heard because they grew up in a huge family where everyone had to function together to keep the house in order. Is it a wonder that at some point they become overworked and overstressed and forget something important?

In the business enterprise world, your career skills depend heavily upon your memory. It could make or break your chance getting that long-awaited and much deserved promotion or maybe the vacation you have earned. One little forgetful mistake and everything could wear out. No pressure, right?

Your study to take a while for yourself, to give yourself that few minutes of peace and relaxation appears all you must improve your memory and grab that moment of success. Businesses have learned that successful employee performance relationships while ensuring their employees get their much deserved breaks and that positive enforcement is a key element to moving forward and upward. Some businesses have inherent gems, daycares, saunas, sandwich machines offering healthier choices.

On another note, improving your memory will survive easier getting through those business meetings, lunch dates, or parties where naming names is essential to success. Calling an essential person by the wrong name could be devastating to your career.

Some banks have practiced rewarding the customer so with a dollar if their teller does not greet them by name. It is, of course, a temporary advertising gimmick. It does make for good customer service relatives to hear one treated as to a greater extent a ma'm or a sir. The customer feels more appreciated and may make a feat to be more pleasant when teller sees more aware of them as an individual rather than a nameless face.

Any job you choose will suffer if you are one of those who does not make the effort to think about the important aspects of that job. If you are unconcerned and think you would be delivered by with the minimum of effort and try to substitute where it is unacceptable, it could make you be fired. Forgetting courtesy, forgetting to tidy a mess you made, forgetting to return things to their proper places, forgetting to wash your uniforms, forgetting to bring the right tools for the job, forgetting the due date of a project … all are critical for overall performance ratios and job security. Your boss and your co-workers must know that they are able to trust in you to consider and to put forth effort.

It makes for good relationships between your fellow employees, too, to can consider things you own about them. Birthdays, the special events in their family life (like little Charlie or little Susie having a large recital at college), their favorite candy, or perhaps their favorite musical artist, all could bring kudos for you bought to you need their support on a particular project or need a favor or want …