VMware and Trend Micro: Security for the Software Defined Datacenter – Trend Micro

Hello, I'm Steve Kwan[sp].

And I'm here with Adim Nahid[sp] And we're excited to do another year of a great partnership between VMware and Trend Micro.

Over the last [xx] years our customer have been moving quickly to adopt cloud.

And security is top of mind for them and I think the relationship has really helped to [xx] [xx] that adoption, Trend Micro has been able to deliver a lot of the security capabilities from an end-point perspective and more within the context of the VMware environment.

Deep Security is a shield around our virtual [xx].

It does anti-malware, it does firewall, it does intrusion prevention log inspection.

It's very easy to deploy and manage.

Deep Security allows companies to scale at a very rapid rate.

Without Deep Security Virtual patching, we would not have been able to bring this project live.

Trying to have the in-depth knowledge of security in a virtual world, and in a the cloud that we needed.

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