Chrome Plug-In Provides A Vital Time-Saving Research Tool For Online Marketers

The ASINspector is a new plug-in app for Google Chrome which adds new and expanded capabilities for collating and researching the results of an online marketing search. What this means in terms of time efficiency is nothing less than staggering. Imagine if you had the ability to not only pluck out of a web search the exact information you found but to organize it in whatever priority rank and category you wanted? That utility is now available to every online user.

This plug-in allows the user to be able to quickly source the results of online searches by particular categories, such as from a given retailer. Once set into the search definitions, all the results from, say, AliExpress, can be instantly called up with just a mouse-click. Furthermore, the data can be arranged in one of several tabulated fields depending upon whichever characteristic is desired, such as ranking by price for a given line of products, or all similar products, or products from a given manufacturer or producer. The results can also be filtered to screen out every item except the ones sought for depending upon the level of exclusivity which is selected.

Other options allow for retrieving data on the particular search nodes for items, which is a massive research aid in terms of formulating market strategy and evaluating the competition. Product review stats are instantly available for examination, as is projections of revenue for the month and third-party pricing on the subject of your search. Reverse-directory searches are also available with another option of this app, as are seller rankings and the product keywords used by competitor agencies.

Up until the appearance of this and similar browser plug-ins, all this data had to be mined manually. This application does the work automatically, using your own browser’s search history to pull together the relevant data. The results are categorized and tabulated for display in multiple tables for easy consultation. Because of this capability, hundreds of hours can be saved on product and market research, freeing your sales staff to perform other and far more important tasks. This positively impacts your business’ revenue stream with the saving of time and money on the one hand, and the gaining of more time for profit-making activity.